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Dark Falls

The land of Dark Falls is held under a trance. The waterfall that gives this land it's name is magical, and it's power is controllable only by two equines, the lords of the land. Saviour, the white winged stallion, represents the light side. Sorrow, the black winged stallion, represents the dark side. If you are a mare, you may be plucked by one of these brutes. This is a tremendous honour and you are expected to live up to it. If you are a stallion, you may become an allie. This is a great honour as well. But beware, for if you anger these gods you may be turned into a ball of green slime...seriously. But oneday these leaders will die, and the power of the falls will be up for grabs. Will you become the next leader?

Name Reservations
The Waterfall
The Meadow
The Mountain (Home of Saviour)
The Beach (Unclaimed)
The Bushland (unclaimed)
The River (Unclaimed)
Woodland (Unclaimed)
Shadow Valley (Home of Sorrow)
The Cave (Unclaimed)
The Cliff (Unclaimed)
Death Ridge (Unclaimed)
Dark Land (Unclaimed)
Qutting and Absence