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Chuck Provides Info (Shipping, etc.)
CPF DVD Chapters/Episodes

1. CPF vs. Hamburger (6:00)

2. CPF: Now and Forever (4:00)

3. CPF vs. Quamen (3:00)

4. CPF: 60 Second Shorts (1:02)

5. CPF vs. Feared_Killer (2:44)

6. CPF: No Holds Barred (4:03)

7. CPF: Brutal Honesty (8:05)

8. CPF: Random 'n Angry (1:43)

9. CPF Anthem (1:03)

10. CPF: Insanity! (2:54)

11. CPF vs. Fake Peeps (2:20)

12. CPF vs. Kirby+Bluntman! (1:26)

13. CPF: Never Say Never (1:27)

14. CPF: Short 'n Sweet (0:44)

15. CPF: Tough as Nails (2:16)

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Further information
The DVD itself is free . However, I charge a small, cheap $5 fee to cover the cost/expenses of shipping the DVD, buying the bubble mailer/envelope, the cost of the DVD-r and the case.

We use the most safest and secure method of payment on the internet: Paypal! Let it be known that you DO NOT need a Paypal account to use Paypal and pay the $5 shipping fee. Just click the "Paypal" button below to get started. The DVD will be shipped within 1-2 business days after payment is received.