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TRICKTIPS (No Beginner tricks here)


GON FLIP: A Gon flip created by Casey Gon offcourse is sort of a frontflip of the skateboard but with a kickflip in it as well. What you do is pop a pretty fair size ollie but with your foot in more of a kickflip position, then when your in the air push your front foot down and forward and your back foot as high as you can in the air to avoid the tail hitting your foot. Let it flip, get your feet back into position and land it.

BENI-HANA: To do this trick you must have one wicked ollie and if you cant ollie high just leave this site. When you approach this trick think of doing an ollie north. When you slide your foot as forward as you can grab the tail and quickly put you backfoot back on the board. This trick needs a lot of practice and height to achieve. (For a pic look at Caseys)

SHOVEIT IMPOSSIBLE: Fairly easy trick. You must know how to shoveit well and high. Do this trick by putting your foot about 2 inches farther than your regular shoveit and your heel of your front foot just slightly a little more out. When it pops it should turn sideways a 90 degrees so that you can see the bottom of your board. Then quickly catch the board with your feet before it flips into a varial and land it. (For a pic look at Marks)

FULL CAB: This trick is fun to showoff to your friends. The goal is to go fakie and rotate you and the board 360 degrees. To do this trick you must be comfortable with going fakie style and good at half cabs. When going fakie rotate your shoulders as much as you can the opposite direction you are spinning, then pop your board and keep you feet on it while in the air. This trick also takes a lot of practice to learn how to turn a full 360 degrees after a while it begins to get easy.

GRUNT GRIND: Trick created by Mark Kistner where it is sort of a mix of a bluntslide and an inside 5-0. What you do is approach a rail which makes it easier to do and think of a bluntslide but dont turn the whole 90 degrees and ollie more straight up. Once you get on it your locked on but getting off of it is the challenge.

HARDFLIP: Place your feet the way you would place your feet for a kickflip but when you pop your board in the air slide your front foot forward not out to the side of the board. Let the board turn between your legs and catch it in the air.(For a pic look at Marks & Caseys) CaseyMark

360 FLIP: Place your foot where you would place your feet to do a kickflip but your front foot back a little bit farther and sticking just slightly more. When you try this trick think of doing a 360 shoveit but when you pop the board it should flip and you must learn how to keep it under your feet. Many times it flips behind you.(For a pic look at Caseys and Eriks) Casey & ErikErik

GON SLIDE: The Gon slide also created by you know who is really just a noseslide with half of your nose on the object but on purpose and with style. To do this trick you must be confident with a good amount of speed and can noseslide. Approach the object like a regular noseslide but dont turn as much when you pop your board, slide as long as you can and easily land it.

FRONTFLIP OLLIE: You can really pull this one of if your fast you can perform it on a quarter pipe or by doing an Ollie make sure both of your feet are in the middle of the screws when you do an ollie make sure you flip the board foward but make sure you dont get your feet caught by the board bring down your feet and bend your knees and make the landing it is very hard for a beginner but easy if you are advanced. (submitted by James)

BACKFOOT KICKFLIP: It's easier then it sounds. All you really have to know is how to ollie and kickflip to learn this trick in a few days. Place your fett in ollie position but with your backfoot just slightly out a little, then do atleast a shin high ollie and push your back foot down and away, catch the board with your front foot and then put your backfoot back on the deck and roll away. The only thing that sucks about this trick is that many other skaters wont even know its a backfoot kickflip but it does look sweet.

IMPOSSIBLE: A little practice and this trick becomes easy. Many people think this trick is mainly a backflip of the board. It is a 360 shoveit going sideways in the air like a flatspin for rollerblading. To do this trick you turn the board 360 degrees by using your back foot by hitting the tail push your back foot backwards and then in a full circular motion keeping that foot on the griptape at all times. Catch it with your back foot and then with your front. Once you first land its simple.

CASPER SLIDE: To me the Caper slide as well as the darkslide are going to revolutionize skateboarding to the next level. Their are so many different techniques you can use to casper, half a flip, 1 1/2 kickflips, and so on. To do this trick you probably have to know how to kickflip. Practice getting used to flipping the deck half way while catching your foot under it. It takes a while to get used to, first practice while not moving. You must have your entire backfoot on the under tail to slide or you will just stop. Lean back and try it up a curp waxed on the top. If you do not lean back the board will not be in 5-0 position and you will not slide. Easily flip it half out or any other way you feel comfortable and roll away after impressing all your friends.

More Tricktips Coming In The Near Future...

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