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1983 Toyota Supra


Well here she is, it took me 2 years to find a decent Supra and its by far the best one i have found for the best price. When I saw it, I fell in love even though I knew I had alot of work ahead of me with great expectations on this car. After numerous Phone calls and days of waiting I finally got to see it and gradually offered $500 and he accepted for $550. Dissapointingly the owner never registered the car and I didnt want to take any chances on getting a clean title so I had to wait and excruciating 2 more months to get the car.


Finally on 9/3/03 I had the privelege to pick it up and be the proud third owner of this car. The car was originally red and only has 84k miles on it, not bad for a 20 year old car. I have a bad feeling about the history of this car due to inspecting it looks like its been broken into, speaker panels torn off and cracked radio bezel with no radio in it. I am determind to find all about it. Besides the fact, the car has been fairly pampered with no rust under the body, wheelwells, etc. Minor rust spots are all over the car and only 3 tiny dents i discovered.

The rims were coated with brake dust and other bad sediments so I spent around 3 hours polishing them up to the best I can. Other recent updates I did was changing the oil, oil filter, cleaning the k&n air filter, taking out the MSD Ignition, recharged battery and regrounded wires and connectors, and cleaned out the entire interior. The only other changes I have to do is get the radiator flushed, needs new parking brake cable, new valve gaskets due to leaking oil on the valve covers, hydraulic pumps for the hood, and fix the defrosters. By the way cold air still comes out of the air conditioner. I expect to pay around $1500 to get the body completely redone and painted and probably will shave off the door side panels and door handles Im also going to put a roof scoop and 86 supra rear spoiler with led brake light

Great Angle

Now the goodies, all new black and red interior door panels and carpet, TRD racing seats even though the original seats kick ass, custom paint interior dash kit and console with a black and red scheme. Red & black Momo racing steering wheel with nitro triggers for the horn and adaptor hub. Then custom red chrome air filter with mandrel bent air pipe and random trd engine caps. Then the soundsystem. To keep the red and black scheme, Im putting in sony xplod hi-range and mid-range speakers for the rear and front. 1 xplod 1200 watt subwoofer in the spare tire compartment and 2 behind it on the trunk with custom black and red box. Then 2 mtx 12" 500 watt max subwoofer behind the driver and passenger seats. All 4 gauge wiring is going to be used and connected to chrome and red Legacy amps with remote control bass boosts. 1 will be a 2-channel 1600 watts and te other will be a 4-channel with 1800. Dual capacitors will be backing the system up for longer play. DvD player will be located in the glove department with a spring loaded screen comes out of the dash. Im still looking for a superior cd player with everything including atleast 2 rca preouts and touchscreen screen including mp3 player, dvd, cd-rw, etc. Im also going old school with a regular nintendo system custom painted offcourse behind the armrest.

Engine mods, after putting in the new sound system I must produce more wattage so Im going to put back in the msd ignition with tach adapter and a new alternator which I can get thanks to my brother whose saving me hundreds of dollars. Next Ill upgrade to high performance cam-shafts if I can find some and then some ceramic blue pacesetter header but no other exhaust mods since its brand new and sounds awesome, sorry cat-back. Next all the fluids will be refilled with hi-performance Toyota fluids. Then the major installation, an mk3 supra ct26 turbo with custom intake manifold for room to fit, but I might give up on the turbo install.


I'm hoping to get the majority of this done in less than a year for next summer when I turn 21 and insurance will be slightly lower. We will just see if time and money will kick me in the behind or I will accomplish what I set in the end.

Heres some Custom Supras that influenced me with ideas:

Hi-performance Batman looking Supra

Awesome Switzerland Supra

Zerodrags Custom


1 of the first Customs


Burn out

UPdate Im starting to give up on this car since theres so many things that need to be done with it, ie. rust repair, bodykit redone, new hatch, dents, new interior, and the list goes on forever. It will cost me around 2-3k to get the car prepped and painted if I can ever kind a person to do it for a reasonable price. Things I replaced or upgraded since I bought it: Mechanical/Engine: -Fuel filter -Alternator, volatge regulator blew on original -Custom 3" Intake -Open Element 3" Air filter -Tri-Mil open Headers, replace Pacesetters with leak -O2 Sensor replaced -Distributor Rotor -Bypassed EGR System, solved dying idle -valve cover, exhaust manifold, and collector gaskets -spark plugs, battery ground wire 8 gauge -Cleaned and painted valve covers, intake, distributor cap, header panel plate, etc. -E-brake Cable fixed and functional -Brake Shoes replaced -Pass. side Windshield Wiper fixed Body/Interior: -235/60/14 Firestone Firehawks all around -Semi restored p-type rims -All Lights and markers cleaned and restored -OBX Steering Wheel -Starquest Armrest replacement -Foglight-Headlight Conversion Mod -Near mint 86 door replacement with trim -Replaced header panel without squirters -Hood sanded to bare metal -Misc. parts sandblasted Stereo Upgrade: -Panasonic CD/MP3 Headunit -1600watt Legacy Red series Amp, 4 channel -4 Gauge wiring -Clarion speakers replaced stock ones -5 1/4" sony xplods in door panels -2 MTX 4000s in sealed box -Remote Bass Boost Near-Complete: -Vented Headlight Cover -84+85-86 spoiler combo -Shaved Hood washers Must be Completed: -Rust Free Hatch -Rust Removal and replacement metal -Bodykit molded in and redone -Replace spare tire well somehow