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SkateSpots Rated (*-*****)



Polish Villa- On Union Rd. has two stairs to grind on and wooden curbs. If you were a beginner it would be good for you. Go during non-business hrs. To avoid getting kicked out-**.

Airport Plaza- Down Union Rd. has many drop offs and knee-high curbs 2 double sets of stairs and sort of a long quarter pipe across the street on the side of a building. Best place to skate in Cheektowaga and you never get kicked out-***.

Airport Church- Many different size curbs. Couple sets of stairs and barely get kicked out. Across from Airport Plaza-***.

Broadway Banks- Many sets of 3 step stairs(15) continuous with a long small kinked rail on the side, which is knee high. Once in a while you get yelled at-***.

Appletree Bank- Just a couple of wallride type curbs. Get kicked out during working hours. Lighten up during night. Across from Polish Villa-**.

St.Phillips Church- Down Losson Rd. has many decent sized curbs from an inch to shin high. Nice asphalt-***.

Ghetto Park- Such a sweet place that it feels like a skatepark. You see it on the right toward LaSalle Park on the thruway at some projects. Have many pyramids and ramps to grind on top of, and huge steps shin high. Never kicked out but watch your back. Recently has been DESTROYED but not forgotten-****.

Southgate Plaza- Has many curbs, metal benches down Union Rd. Often get chased with guys with scooters. Its real fun if you donít get caught-***.

Antoinetteís- Next to Southgate, has many big and small curbs with drop offs and plastic benches, a couple sets of stairs and small handrails-****.

Elmwood- Many sweet places to hit including the bank and parking lot next to Urban Skateshop. Fair sized curbs, small benches, rail, and alot of skaters. If you go to Urban they have a ramptech rail you can take to the parking lot. Just fun to chill and hang out there as well-****.

William Donovan Center- Across from the Aud. All marble curbs from an inch to over knee high, a set of stairs and handrails and you barely get kicked out-*****.

Bisonís Stadium- You see it on the thruway toward downtown. Have many different sized curbs, benches, stairs, and handrails. It also has this wallride type monument to ride on and a knee-high handrail as well as drop off curbs. The only time you might get kicked out is during a game-*****.

Buffalo Library- Has downhill marble curbs as well as drop off ones. 2 sets of stairs and handrails and marble benches and a recently new ledge down the stairs. Go there after business hours, likely to get kicked out-****.

Main Street- Has many sweet places to hit from downtown all the way to Williamsville. Rails, curbs, and handrails, you find them. Barely yelled at-****.

Buffalo Bank- Near the Buffalo library that also has marble curbs and good sets of stairs with a marble water fountain in the middle, which makes it a challenge to pull of a trick, or you or your board goes in. Get kicked out pretty fast though-****.

Altonís- Behind Altonís restaurant on Walden Ave. next to Napa Auto thereís a nice downhill curb to grind and a ramp on the side. Sometimes get kicked out-***.

Flea Market- Near Altonís a little more down Walden which also has a downhill curb, a couple 2 and 3 sets of stairs, a nice curb in the plaza in the back on the side with sort of a kicker to get air off of and across the street their is a cemented like quarter pipe on a side of a building which you can wallride on and a curb on the top-***.

Galleria Mall- Nice shin, knee high curbs under JC Penneyís with some steps. In front of the movie entrance there is a curb and an awesome bump jump in front of Kahunaville. Sometimes you get kicked out-**.

St. Paulís Church- Another place downtown surrounded by unwaxed knee-high curbs and in the front thereís some steps with small shin high curbs going down it. Rarely get kicked out-***.

Albright Knox Museum- Across from Buff State College in downtown on Elmwood. Has marble curbs a couple of steps and handrails. Going toward Delaware park there are crazy ledges down a double set and a 3 step toward the lake-***.

Media Play- Down Transit Rd. has a long ass curb on the side that starts as a regular curb and builds up to be over knee high. They also have some spray painted regular curbs and a bike rack and a couple grass gaps. Never get kicked out-****.

Toyota Dealership- On Main off of Transit across from Pipe Dreams. It has a lot of nice painted curbs with some drop offs. A wallride across the street, and a little business plaza on the side with steps and a drop off. Usually get kicked out of one of those places-***.

Transit Bank- In front of Eastern Hills mall. Has many different sized curbs, a big drop off with a curb on top of it and a couple set of stairs and handrails-***.

Bennett High School- On Main Street close to Downtown. It has many different size steps of stairs with curbs close to shin high going down them. Many of them are not waxed so go there prepared. It also has many knee to over knee high curbs which also need a good waxing-****.

The Marina- Downtown at the lakeside. It has a nice little area with some 2-waxed one step drop off curbs, and 2 curbs that start shin high and end at knee high. A little bumpy terrain in some parts though-****.

Cheektowaga Police Station- Yeah what am I thinking, skating at a police station but I never got yelled at. Mostly all it has is 2 sets of stairs with handrails with marble drop offs on each side which makes the handrails easy to do tricks over or on them-**.

Villa Maria College- Near Cheek. Town Park. Has a set of stairs with crazy handrails, which could break some ankles with metal edges on the steps. Have a bunch of unwaxed benches, a 4 ft. drop-off, and 5 sets of stairs one after another with a kinked rail on the side. It also has sort of a launch ramp formed by the pathway to the front of one of the buildings. Behind it is a wading pool with a curved curve, 2 manual pads and 2 sets of stairs with benches. Nuns harass you sometimes-****.

Seneca Square- A little place in the center of Indian Rd. and Seneca St. that has some nice waxed downhill curbs and drop-off ones off a some two steps. Also have some nice 2 two-step manual curbs across the street to pull off some nice combos. Never get kicked out-****.

Cazenovia Park- Near Seneca St. Wading pool has been redone and now is useless for skaters. Casino is still up with nice curbs, and a couple sets of stairs and handrails-***.

Niagara Falls American Pathway- Great for just cruising around and it does have some smooth ass benches at the observation deck and this little store that has a nice handrail and steps along with marble curbs that do need some waxing. Barely get kicked out-***.

Niagara Falls Canadian Side- A great place. Has many obstacles including kinked curbs, crazy handrails, big curbs, tons of stairs in different sizes, and also great for spectating and cruising. Barely get yelled at-****.

Delaware St.- Parallel to Elmwood has some nice spots including a closed down gas station with sweet ass poles but now is the postal office, and a couple nice curbs and benches down the street. Jewish center has some nice ledges and sets of stairs as well. Never yelled at-***.

Lafayette Square- A little place between the Library and the City Court, which has round marble steps and benches. Never get kicked out-**.

St. Benedicts Church- A nice place to go down Maine St. with a real nice shin to knee high curb that is slightly round. It also has a 5 set of stairs with handrails and regular sized waxed curbs. Lots of skaters go there. Supposively real strict now-***.

Sisti Park(Fast Track)- A nice place off Main St. downtown on North St. It has a bunch of different sized and shaped curbs form shin to over knee high and some are curved and downhill. Across the street there are nice wallride shaped rocks that you can ride and grind on, 2 sets of stairs, a knee high handrail, and other goodies surrounding the area. Lots of the objects are not waxed but soon will be. Never get kicked out*****.

UB South Campus- Many nice curbs including kinked and drop off ones. A couple sets of stairs and handrails, plastic roadblocks great for board slides, and benches. Usually get kicked out during class hours. Go around 7 or 8-*****.

Buff State College- A couple downhill curbs. Many benches and bike racks. A long downhill curb soon to be waxed, concrete benches everywhere, a couple sets of stairs with drop off curbs. Not yet been kicked out-****.

Delaware Jewish Center- Not much their except for 2 drop off cubs, 2 sets of stairs, and a couple shin high marble curbs. Did get kicked out by some Jewish chic-**.

Kenmore West High & Middle School- Rails and stairs, and a ramp for the handicapped that becomes s drop off. Thereís also a bump that gives you pop to get on this large handrail at the middle school. Also a couple of gaps, benches, and hip high rails-**.

UB North Campus- Has lots of benches and bike racks. Many different sized curbs, handrails, and stairs, and not to mention a lot of hot college girls. Has not yet been kicked out-****.

Science Museum- On Best St. Contains a couple different sets of stairs with a slick ledge, a few curbs and decent surrounding spots-***.

Mighty Taco- On Sheridan Drive across from Phatman, just a place to go and meet up with other skaters-**.

Niagara Falls Convention Center- Many large sized curbs and different sets of stairs and handrails. Long ass small downhill curb and more. Will get kicked out if cops spot you while driving by-*****.

Perry Projects- Curbs everywhere around the housing buildings, a pool with curbs around it, some sets of stairs with drop off curbs. Basketball court with aluminum benches and regular benches everywhere. Bring Wax and protection. Never got arrested or shot at yet-****.

Niagara St.- Parallel with Elmwood. Has mainly real nice handrails especially around D'youville College. A little more ghetto-**.

Bailey Hospital- It has two 20 ft. downhill curbs off a four step with not a lot of room though, a few little gaps and a chain to do tricks over. Never get kicked out, across the street from UB-**.

Como Banks- Between Broadway and Como Park. It's mainly a big long concrete bank along Cayuga creek, which is used for draining purposes. Rough terrain, which takes alot of energy out of you but its somewhere to go to practice flat ramp tricks. Never get kicked out, before the Como Park damn-**.

LoveJoy School- Off course on Lovejoy St. in the business district, it has 6 downhill curbs, 4 which are going down steps, 2 that are steep and the other 2 are long. It also has a red shin high curb and 2 steps great for manuals and a couple other goodies. Avoid going during school hours-****.

Canisus College- Off Main St. Has many staircases and handrails of all sizes. Lacks curbs but does have a few such as a gap curb off a step and poles. Benches can be used for putting off stairs. High security in some areas of the campus-***.

ECC City- Right off the Elm St. exit in downtown. It has two sets of stairs and very nice red handrails, 2 rounded marble curbs, which need a waxing, and nice smooth great snap on boards terrain. Rarely get kicked out-***.

Kleinhans- Between Elmwood and Niagara St. This place has all marble curbs, which just need a coat of waxing to grind on with ledges off 6 steps. More stuff is under construction. Rarely get kicked out-****.

ECC Orchard Park Campus- This place has three continuous 3 sets, a long handicap ramp, and a couple 5 and 6 step staircases with picnic benches going down them. Also has kinked curbs and smooth terrain. Arrested if caught especially during class hrs-***.

Manhattan Square- This place has everything you can think of but the catch is, that its in downtown Rochester. This place has any size curb, ledge, stair set, and gap. Whatever you can think of its there. It was rated one of the 10 best street spots in the U.S. and you just have to skate it yourself to know what I mean. You never get kicked out and there are many other spots to hit around it-*****+.

Fredonia University- All types of different size and shaped curbs many of them lack a waxing especially some great ledges. Has many handrails and bike racks especially the popular drop-in handrail. It also has steps of all sizes but the security is supposed to be strict-*****.

Schiller Park- Go during light out to avoid gang fights. This tiny but packed place has two step stairs with mini ledges, a couple of benches, and 2 outward rounded curbs and one fine inward shin high curb which is fun grinding around-****.

Independent Health Squares- Ever see that commercial advertising Independent Health. That is the place. Thereís about four of these little spots right around the waterfront near the marina. They contain downhill curbs, a couple sets of stairs a few ledges including the two famous new deal ledges and slick benches. Rarely get yelled at-***.

Moose Club- On Washington St. has a metal ramp and trash grind boxes and rails. Sometimes get yelled at-**.

Gateway- Located on Delaware in Tonawanda at the canal. Have rails with sets of stairs and curbs. Also check out around Payne Ave and Oliver St.-***.

Willis & Lowel- Near Urban off of Elmwood. Has 2 drop off ledges, 1 knee, 1 waist, 2 grindable ledges, handicap ramp, rail, and gaps and you never get kicked out-***.

School 26- 3 sets of stairs, 1 3 step, 2 4 steps, ledges, knee high handrail. Located on Harrison rd. past Bailey St. Never get Harassed-**.

Gaskill Middle School- Between Hyde Park Blvd. And Grand Avenue in Niagara Falls-***.

East Aurora Wilson Farms- Has a nice manual pad-**.

Olean Road- In East Aurora which has a 7 set staircase at the medical office and other little spots-**.

Main Street Alleys- In East Aurora, which has a 4 stair with a handrail and other little spots-**.

Limelite Gap- Behind Limelite music in East Aurora which is just a real nice gap-**.

Mighty Taco Bank- On Delaware near Hertel, basically a nice bank with a guard rail on top and a few parking blocks-**.

Southside Park (Triangle)- Located where Southside and South Park merge. It has 2 sets of stairs with small rails and 2 long curbs that increase in size and some flat ramps. The bar Rogoís next to it also has a few goodies-****.

Akron Central School- There are two 4 sets, a 12 stair raila couple of gaps, a knee-high curb, and a bunch of hills in the back which are just a lot of fun. Try to avoid summer school and the local cop, Never been kicked out-***.

City Hall Parking Ramp- The usual regular painted curbs and outside there are nice sets of stairs with big ledges and a few rails and metal benches, never get kicked out-***.
Lancaster High School- Loading dock with metal edges, 6 step stairs at the bleachers and a few grass gaps. Sometimes get kicked out-**.
Buffalo Fleet Bank- In the center of downtown, has a huge handrail and a ledge going down a long set of stairs, a rough downhill curb going down a long curvy ramp and a wall jam at the corner, get kicked out in a flash-***.
St. Maryís High School- A few sets of stairs at the bleachers and grass gaps, sometimes get kicked out-**.
Depew Police Station- A six step staircase with low handrails. Will get kicked out if they notice you-**.
Maryvale Education Center- Located on Cleveland Drive between Union and Harlem. Has a nice smooth 4 step stair with a nice handrail, a 2 step and a nice shin high curb. Never get kicked out-***.


World of Wheels- Down in Ashford, Springville(35 min. ride, 25 if you go fast) is very big park which soon will be outdoor as well for bladers, boarders, and bikers owned by a blader has many fun boxes, 3 halfpipes, bowl, fly box, and many other sweet ramps. It does lack grind boxes and they have so much stuff that it's squeezed together, so its harder for boarders to react fast enough. New Street course being made. For more info visit or go to links-****.BURNT DOWN

B3 Skatepark- Built by the person who sets up the ESPN courses. Huge as hell (30,000 sq. ft.), big street and vert course for bladers, boarders, and bikers which is down on Niagara Falls Blvd. near Sabreland. Asphalt terrain, which cement would be preferred. Anything you think they have it but its outdoors. Mainly for bikers though because its hard to get speed. For more info visit: or go to links-*****.

B3-2 West Seneca- Has a nice tight mini ramp setup and a nice spacious street course. Just opened up recently so expect more from them in the future. Located on Harlem Rd. between Indian Church and Seneca St.-***.

Pipe Dreams- Down in Williamsville(Bryant & Stratton Way) CLOSED DOWN...

Veterans Skate Park- In Grand Island in Veterans Park on Bedell Rd. Just got a bunch of fisher price type ramps made out of plastic and pointless. Somewhere to skate though, free-***.

Empire Skatepark- Small but very nice located in Rochester at empire sports center. It has some fly box's a halfpipe and a vert. It's on the New York State thruway.

Crossroads Skatepark- Another Rochester park at 318 Stoney Point Rd. Outdoor asphalt park with a mini ramp, and street course. Waiver must be signed and pads required but free of charge. (716) 594-1601.

Alden Skatepark- A small tennis court park in Alden off of Broadway. It has a couple quarter pipes, rails, and parking blocks. Also have a spine, some kickers, and road cones. Costs only $1 and pads are needed-***.

Kingpin Skatepark- Sweetest Skatepark in Buffalo, or actually Lockport in the Downtown area off Transit between Market and Exchange St. The whole park is mostly a street course with many fly boxes, rails, quarter pipes, banks, and grind boxes. They have a large 4 ft. halfpipe with a 5 ft. extension, and a 6 ft. halfpipe with a 7 ft. extension. Your parents if under 18 must sign a waiver. Some pads required. $10 all day, $5 an hr. For more info visit: DOWN.

Lewiston Skatepark- (aka-Deathpit). Small as hell. It has 6 drop off ledges that go into a pit, 2 quarter bowls, 2 flat ramps, 2 sets of stairs, kinked rail that goes into the bowl pit, picnic benches, a messed up pyramid, couple of curbs, and a manual box. The park is a mess and wasnít planned out right. Itís sort of a death trap. Free at cost, pads not really required unless cops come by. Prefer going in the morning or during school hours. At the corner of Pletcher and River Rd.-***.

East Aurora Skatepark- Little spot behind the boys and girls club on 16 Paine St. off Maine. Only have a few ramps and rails. Open on Tuesdays and Thursdays for free. Somewhere to go if you live or go by-**.

Pioneer High Skatepark- Don't know whatís there except they have a park. Check it out and give me some info.

Grinders Skatepark- Located on Grand Island Blvd. Has a nice setup with their street course which just has been expanded and mini ramp and halfpipe but is kind of small and is outdoor. Some pads are required. Check website for more info.****.

Elmira Skatepark- Eldridge Park Rollersports Facility 21000 S.F. Concrete Park (unsupervised) Bowl, Rails, Ledges, 1/4 pipe, reverse curves, ramps, and stairs. 840 Linden Place Extension Phone: 1 (607) 737 5750-***.

The Plant- A house in downtown Buffalo with a nice mini ramp setup but you need connections and make arrangements to skate there thatís kind of a hassle-**.

Hamburg Skatepark- On South Park near the K-mart and town hall. Costs to get in if your not a resident-**.

Tonawanda Skatepark- Off of Delaware ave. Its located in a lil park has a 3' quarter, bank ramp, mini fly box with a rail, and random rails and its free of charge-**

Xtreme Wheels Skatepark- Located at 356 Hertel in Buffalo. Fair setup except for the pillars every 10 feet. Good mini ramp and street course. Pipe Dreams atmosphere. Some equipment is required-**.

*Note some of these places might have been altered in many different ways since the last time I visited themso donít expect what the info to be entirely accurateÖ

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