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Skate Pics


Bluntslide at Airport Church

50-50 at Airport Church

5-0 at Airport Church

50-50 grab at Airport Church

5-0 at William Donovan Center

Railslide at Dunn Tire Park

Kickflip in Eriks Basement

Ollie at Ghetto Park

Ollie Gap at St. Phillips Church

Ollies Larry at Airport Plaza

180 Indy Off his Driveway

Shoveit Impossible Off Driveway

Frontside 180 at Airport Plaza

Hardflip at West Seneca Church

Shoveit at Airport Plaza

5-0 Gordys Ramp

5-0 Behind Flea Market

Half-Cab Lipslide on Gordys Ramp

Ollies Gordys Step Porch

Smith Grinds Gordys Box

Snow Indy Grab at Thruway

Feeble at Niagara Falls

Backside 50-50 at Airport Church

Heelflip at Airport Plaza

Shoveit at Bennet High School

Kickflips 5 set at Villa

Frontside Noseslide across from Flea Market

Boardslide at Bailey Hospital


Airwalk Indy at Airport Plaza

Beni-Hana at Ghetto Park

Railslide at Dunn Tire Park

Hardflip at Ghetto Park

Kickflip at Airport Plaza

Ollie at Ghetto Park

Varial Kickflip at William Donovan Center

Another Varial at William Donovan

360 Flip with Erik at Airport Plaza


Kickflip Box at St. Phillips Church

Kickflip Handrail at Dunn Tire Park

Ollie Garbage Can

Ollie Handrail at Dunn Tire Park

Ollie Picnic Gap at Marks

Bluntslide in his Basement

Backside 50-50 at Airport Plaza

50-50 at William Donovan Center

360 Flip at Airport Plaza

Ollies William Donovan Stairs

Railslide at West Seneca Church

Ollie Transfer at Ghetto Park

360 Flips Kicker Ramp

50-50s Ledge at Dunn Tire Park

Backside 50-50 at Airport Plaza

Blunt Stall in his Basement

Big Ollie off his Kicker

Kickflips Snow

Ollies chain off Main St.

Ollies long stair gap off Main

Ollies 5 step at Villa

Frontside noseslide at Airport Plaza

Gap Ollie Lil Mark at Bailey Hosp.

50-50 ledge at Bailey Hosp.


50-50 at Polish Villa

Misc Pics






*These pics have been gathered over the years of our life so don't presume that we have not improved or just have quit skateboarding entirely. *Some pics look horrible or dont look like what the trick says (especially Caseys) but they are what they are. Note the most recent pics were take 1 1/2 year ago.*

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