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Reviews (rated *-*****)

Skateboard Reviews

Pig Wheels-Fair wheels that last long and are nice and smooth. They do need to improve on their graphics-****.

Speed Wheels-Nice wheels which are supposed to be lighter and harder. Wear out pretty fast anbd they do need to improve on their graphics-***.

Independent Trucks-I dont know why people think these trucks are the best. They are one of the heaviest trucks around, thair kingpins stick out, and they blow at grinding-**.

Powell China Bearings-Nice bearings for a cheap price but not as good as the regular powell swiss bearings-***.

Black Panther Bearings-Good bearings but are not worth the money. They rust pretty easily and the shields bend-***.

Think Skateboards-Lightest board you can find but they do wear out fast and break easily. Most of their graphics suck also-***.

Tracker Trucks-Good trucks for loose or tight steering, dont grind that well but last long-**.

Yocaher Skateboards-Great Aluminum technology decks that are much better than Aircrafts and sell for much cheaper ($30). These decks weigh 2.2 lbs. and are not real thick like aircrafts. Dont slide that well for nose and tailslides but always has good pop and you get replacement endcaps when the first ones wear out-****.

Halos Bearings-Fair bearings but not worth the extra money. Have to clean about every 2 weeks and the shields dent pretty easy-**.

2 Fish Skate shoes-Suck. Wore out real fast in less than 3 weeks and the sole broke in half which I never seen happen before. The only good thing about them is that the laces dont get ripped-*.

Circa Shoes-Expensive but worth it. The rubber doesn't wear out fast and they give good support in arches and heel-****.

Osiris Shoes-Great lookin styles but wear out in about 2 weeks. Not alot of ankle and sole support and not worth the money-**.

Black Label-Heavy boards but have a good pop, real strong and fair graphics. Last for a long time-****.

Deca Skateboards-Medium weight sized decks, a lot of concave, good high tails, close to being twin-tips, and fair graphics-****.

Birdhouse Bearings-Decent bearings that are pretty fast and provide a smooth ride. Clear protective plastic shield that dont bend like metal ones and easy to clean-***.

Blind Wheels-Very nice smooth wheel. Give a real nice ride with medium hardness and do not wear out that fast-*****.

Ram Trucks-Great trucks for a cheap price($20). Medium weight, grind king kingpins, easy turning, nice and hard and smooth grinding-*****.

Phatman-Good decks, a little bit heavy but they don't break easily. Medium concave, almost identical nose and tail and fair graphics. They do get many pressure cracks around the bolts though but only cost $30-$35-****.

Snowboard Reviews:

Sims Snowboards-Great boards for experience and beginner levels. A very fast board, carves great, and gets good air, and fair graphics but scratches easily-****.

Rossignol Snowboards-Fair boards but the boards bottom and metal edges rust if not taken care of but nice board to carve and freeride. They also need to improve on graphics-***.

Silence Snowboards-Great boards with great graphics. Their good at carving, pulling tricks, and they are really light weight-*****.

Northwave Boots-Comfortable boots but a little heavy and large. They dont look that good as well and not worth the money-**.

Vans Boots-Great boots, lightweight, nice and soft and comfortable and fair good looking-***.

Airwalk Boots-Very comfortable and light weight good looking boots which keep you warm-****.

Palmer Snowboards-Very Fast and probably the gastest boards around. Great freeriding board and fair freestyling. Good graphics-****.

Drake Bindings-Great bindings with many adjustments to make you comfortable. Good looking and do not hurt ankles after a while-****.

DP Bindings-Not very good bindings but not completely dissatisfied. Ratchet broke on top off slope so I had to walk down. Bolts rust and loosen, and ankles hurt after a while-*.

Flow Bindings-The most innovative bindings on the market. A little expensive but worth it. Look sweet as hell, easy step-in technique and great for both freeriding and freestyle-*****.

Sims Bindings-Great bindings especially the masterlinks which have an easy on and off ratchet system. Look great and have toe protectors to avoid your toes from hitting the snow-****.

PS Clothing-Performance makes good quality snowboard clothing for a cheaper price. Their pants and jackets look nice and are good for not so bad weather-***.

Nitro Bindings-Great bindings with a nice look. Ratchets are sort of hard but they keep you in nice and tight-***.

Rollerblade Reviews:

Salomon Blades-The best blades around, a little expensive but worth it. Great to grind, nice and hard, and wheels and bearings make them fast-*****.

Rollerblade-Good blades for a cheaper price, good to grind and fairly fast and look nice-****.

K2 Skates-They suck, heavy as hell wear out real fast, slow, and break down. They do look sweet lookin though-**.

Ultra Wheels-Fair blades but do wear out after a while like the wheels and grind plates. Good for a cheap price-***.

Roces-Great blades, real fast and dont wear out. Wheels kind of blow and a little expensive but last long-****.

Submitted Reviews Grind King Trucks-The bushings suck, they rip and shred after a few weeks. The kingpin will dig into your board if you tighten it too much, and i had to get two pairs of risers, the only good thing is how low the king pin is and the weight. Other than that, they suck. The trucks base is rounded on the end so you cant nose or tail slides good and they scratch easier than a dj-*. (Review submitted by Shane)

Status Decks-Lightweight, has a nice pop, the graphics are allright. Graphics scratch easy but the deck has a nice arc. (Submitted by Ed)

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