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Skate Buffalo Tour/Sessions

(Dates not yet established)

-World of Wheels Skate Session-(Summer Break)

-Rochester Tour-(Crossroads Skatepark/Downtown Manhattan Square Park)-(Summer Break)

-Toronto Tour-(Downtown with Supirium?)-(Summer Break)

-Fredonia-(Fredonia University, and spots)-(End of Spring)

-Niagara-(Falls, Convention Center, University, etc.)-(Beg. Summer)

-Lewiston-(Lewiston Park, any spots on the way)-(Beg. of Spring)

*COMPLETED*-Sunday, April 8

-The little tour was kind of a bummer since we were all out last night(Mark, Eric, Luke). We reached Lewiston skatepark in an hour after asking for various directions and discovered the park is small as hell and basically a death trap. All the obstacles come together and it really was hard with 50 other lil kids there. Mark did a few big ollies out of tyhe so called bowl and eric 50-50 down the kinker into the bowl. Luke on the other hand just stood there and worked on his freestyling on his bike but did a few bunny hops out of the bowl as well.

-We then went to check out Artpark and met a few guys from Phatman trying a handrail. He could get on it but we left to check out the Niagara University.

-The University sucked ass. A few set of stairs and handrails was all they could offer to us, an hour later we left.

-We stopped by at the Falls just to stroll around and found ourself on the canadian side. Luke had to ride his bike through traffic over the Rainbow Bridge which was pretty funny at the time. Eric was blading and did a few grinds at the Gardens and Mark shattered his ankle on a boardslide on a long kinker. We then ate at Wendys Canadian style and then went flying down Clifton Hills on our way back to U.S.

-Overall the little tour was a good time-

*COMPLETED* Thursday, November 1

-The trip consisted of only Mark and Luke. First we were dissapointed in what East Aurora offered us so we decided to ask for directions to get to Fredonia. Mark spent $10 of gas for the whole day going 100mph+ both ways. The trip took an hour to get to Fredonia. That sucked.

-When we finally got there we scoped out the place finding many places to hit except that many objects were not waxed. Mark was excited but Luke was bummed out that their were no transitions. Mark pulled a few tricks off the sets of stairs and did a nice clean ollie over a bike rack. Luke basically practiced his flatland. We decide to leave because it was getting dark and no other skaters were around to chill with.

-We ate at KFC before we went back on the road and enjoyed a nice meal. The ride home was a bitch especially paying for expensive tolls but it was something to explore before the winter would keep us indoors.

*COMPLETED* Saturday October 21 -It was Mark, Eric, Erik, and Luke who attended the wow park session. All of us were healthy but that soon came to an end. On the 40 min. ride their Erik complained about wanting to smoke in the car, Mark told him to shut the hell up and we stopped at a gas station so he could.

-When we got their the place was packed. Suprisingly was cheaper than we thought. We all warmed up for a while just riding around until we went into the bowl. Mark was doing smith grinds around the corners and Luke was pumping like crazy. Mark did a couple switch variations and probably a couple hundred flip tricks. Eric stayed around the parking block basically doing boardslides the whole time. Erik started grinding every ledge he saw until he knocked himself out on the kinked handrail as he slipped off. Mark was boardsliding the kinked handrail but couldnt quite handle the kink until he crushed his balls.

-Most of us went home bruised and aching but Erik especially claiming he cant see well and that he was seeing stars. The ride home was quite entertaining throwing things out the window and watching them stick to lukes bike which stayed on his bike the whole ride home until we turned onto his street. Overall the session was a good time.

--Possibly more dates to come in the near future--