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Hey, I don't really know what to put here. I will have local articles about skating in Buffalo and updates. If you think of what else to put here, e-mail me.

I couldn't get the articles to be put on this page so I'll just write about them then.

Lewiston Gets Skatepark-Lewiston is finally going to get a skatepark after 2 years of complaining and arguing. The town is going to put up $88,000 to develop an all cemented bowl park hopefully completed for the 2000 summer. 6/14/00

Lockport Bans Skateboards and Blades-After a few weeks that skateboarding and inlining is permitted to be used but only on streets and not in the downtown Lockport area, another proposal to reban them are in act. Shaters now have to wear helmets but in the meantime are thinking about banning it all. 6/14/00

Alden getting skatepark-Alden is getting a mini skatepark in I believe some tennis courts with ramps at the max of 3 ft. 6/22/00

Lockport Finally Getting Skatepark-Phatman Owner finally gets the ok to build a skatepark. The park what I heard will be almost all street and will open mid-August featuring the Arcade Skateboard Team. 6/30/00

Mark and Erik get in Buffalo News-Mark Kistner and Erik Gordon finally get in the Buffalo News after years of seeing other skaters in it. Erik Gordon is doing a 360 flip off a curb while Mark doesn't seem suprised. 7/23/00

West Seneca Getting Park-West Seneca is possibly getting a skatepark ran by B3 owners hopefully to start the park open in spring/summer and create an indoor section for the winter if everything goes well. The park will be located off of Harlem rd. possibly at dingens park where a baseball field is submerged. 50,000 square ft. for an outdoor section and an additional 40,000 for an indoor is their goal. 4/2001

Grand Island Skatepark Closes down-In Veterans Park, the skatepark is closing down because the insurance company claimed they couldn't cover it any more. The park also needs close facilities such as bathrooms, phones, and water fountains for it to re-open again. They are currently looking for a new insurer and are hoping to open in the summer possibly with newer ramps possibly concrete. 4/30/01

If you would like more precise information and more recent atrticles go to Buffalo News.

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