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Thoughtless Living

I don't know what to think
I'm writing down whatever comes to mind
and then I start to think about you
then I can't seem to find the time
to stop my clinging
to what your bringing
and what I'm thinking
you put in my head
your makin me fell weak
I wish you would go find your own kind
and I can stop thinkin bout you
and I can start to find the time
but now we're sinking
and I've stopped breathing
this bond of ours breaking
and now it's all gone
actually I'm livin on the brink
sittin round waitin for this sign
of everything that might just be true
and all those things that are full of lies
to stop me from winnin
and get my head a spinnin
and now you think I'm grinnin
but I'm really not
but I've just started linin
and now your affended
cause I'm not givin
you what to want