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Matt is 18 years old and a freshman at Old Dominion University. He started playing cello for the orchestra 8 years ago. Since then he has taught himself how to play guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano, trumpet, mandolin, ukulele, and has messed around with the banjo. He plays lead guitar for Bucky Balls and has been playing for close to 8 years. He uses a Fender 65 watt Princeton 112 plus amp and an old Standel 100 watt bass amp and a Vox Cambridge 15 tube amp. He plays a Fender 60's reissue Stratocaster, a Fender Standard Telecaster, a Fender Squire Vista Series Venus, a Danelectro '56 U2, an Epiphone Classic Custom Les Paul, and an Epiphone SG.

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