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Judement Day

with mind subsiding great worlds collide
together now walking but just for the ride
all hold tight still with the Devil
with a quick flask foward on a different level
big bombs exploding make us quake
givin it all with no breaks
fiery sky burnt all night
out of control with no one in sight
missils screamin through the air
pistol slingers singing I don't care
that what it takes the time has come
that's what it takes they already won
with body's in the ruins of buildings destroyed
it's still not safe for your girls and boys
thick smokey debri fills the sky
while you remember the loved ones you knew that died
still not sure if it's over yet
broken memories you collect
of what was your's and what's now gone
tryin to hold on tryin to be strong
so hard to forget so hard to forgive
just still thankin God that you still live
in hopin that you made it, found your home
you lose control and take you down