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Bucky Balls-The Best Punk Band In The World!!!

The Official Bucky Balls Website!!!

Bucky Balls!!! Bucky Balls!!! Bucky Balls!!! Bucky Balls!!! Bucky Balls!!! Bucky Balls!!!

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Well...some bad news. The compilation, "Our Voices Must Be Heard Vol. 2", which Bucky Balls was supposed to be on, is not being made. Instead, Silent Records will be making two seperate compilation CDs. Will Bucky Balls be on either of these? We do not know. We have tried contacting Silent Records several times, but with no reply. They do have our CD, and they did tell us we would be on a compilation, so I guess only time will tell. If you would like to check out Silent Records, go to

As for the band...has anyone seen Brad?!? Brad never shows up anymore for practices, and seems to not want to sing for us anymore. So we are currently trying out new singers. Hopefully we will find one soon. I will put up more information when I find out more.

If you haven't already, download our MP3. It isn't the best quality, but listen to it anyway, and give us some feedback. We now also have merchandise. Some of it is expensive, I know. But there is nothing I can do about it. The company that makes them charges this price, and we make absolutely NO MONEY from these. We are sorry for these prices, but please help us get our name out there.


The Band