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Can't Help It

got to get away! They're surrounding you! But you can't het away, they've become you. Your teachers, your friends, and your fellow man, got to get away as fas as you can! Can't help what they do, can't help yourself. Kick over the trash can, knock over the shelf. Lock your door, and shut your window, there's gonna be a big prep killin show! They flash their money like it's something big, it just shows how much they're like a pig. They kick you, they punch you, what can you do? You can't help yourself, they won't even help you.
In this world today, they keep bringin me down. I wouldn't change, so I got kicked out of town. You can't break me, I'll keep going on strong. As much as you fight me, I'll keep singing my song.
Those preps, I can't stand them, all they do is complain about how they're too good to go out in the rain. With those stupid little boots, and those platform shoes, they won't even look, cause they don't like you. To them, everything is just a fad, if you don't have enough money, well, too bad! They don't care about you, it's just how they act, Boy! that prep killin bus is gonna be packed! Everything segregated, nothings your own. It just matters to them how much money you've shown. Sometimes they're nice, but to their own kind. Wish you could slap 'em cross the face and they wouldn't mind. Hatred is everywhere, you can smell it floating in the air. Everbody hates everyone else. Don't know what's goin on. Everyone else is havin fun. Don't need you to slap my wrist. Cause it's the sign of the times, you think its cool to do these crimes, and then you go and brag, about how it's so "rad". All these things that people do, I don't think it'll help you...any, none, or all. Why can't people just have fun? Can't you leave alone everyone? You're bringing us down, it shows us how dumb you are, wreaking up your daddy's car, your just a clown.