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Trying To Do Push-Ups On Your Ankles While Eating Chicken And Biscuits At Bojangles

I'm always lookin for the better side of things
things that mean so much to me
if you don't think you'll help out
then I suggest you get out
I know that it might be confusing
the results sometimes surprising
the things you can't get around
are just there to knock you down
they're all flying right around your head
thinkin of better things instead
that just might help you choose
exactly what you can do
keep trying to do push-ups on my ankles
eatin chicken and biscuits at Bojangles
while driving in your car
trying not to get too far
now i see that we're coming to an end
and all this time I just keep movin in
to something that never seems to end
while I just keep looking for a friend