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This is just the beginnig of my skills in HTML coding.

This page was created for one simple reason, for me to practice HTML and spread my creative digital wings. Along this page you will see things such as different font colors in order to demonstrate simple commands within a sentence. There will also be links to helpful sites such as Dave's Site for other helpful HTML tricks and coding.

AngelFire is a great help in alloting me a free page for which to use these skills.

I can use a picture of their logo. insertting text next to it to explain it's a link to their home site.

I've used some simple HTML tools, and now i'll list them for you.

  1. Made a title and header for my page.
  2. Created a label at the top that is centere, and larger to emphisize importance.
  3. Used paragraph to show usage of font color, type, and size.
  4. Used a direct link for my background, which could be reapeated but in this case is not.
  5. Inserted links of both text and image forms.
  6. And last, using additional CCS to help with the formatting of this page.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope to have more coming soon!

This page is of my own work and I would like to thank Digital Blasphemy © for the background.