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Well here i am, a big college student. actually i'm mistaken for a high school student lost on campus. oh well. i barely have enough time to eat and you expect me to keep up with my webpage. the nerve.

And also, I have just created a section of my webpage devoted to pictures of me and my friends.

As everyone knows, I am engaged to Adam, and our wedding is May 22. check out our wedding page at the and so far, we are registered at pier1.

IS YOU PHAT?? you have to EARN your way to this list.

Let me know if anyone has a webpage you think worthy enough of having the honor of being posted on my webpage. I'll be the judge:)

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Oh yeah, don't sign it unless you have something NICE you'd like to boost my ego with:P Okay, this webpage is not exactly "new" any more, however these darn things are hard to keep up with. it is still improving (or atleast i'd like to think so), so be gentle, my little anchilladas.

otherwise, check out the to-check-out-list. Some of the links are my own, with a combination of a few others worthy of being listed.

If you have suggestions or just have the urge to write an email, feel free to drop me a line:)

please feel free to suggest other webpages for other's viewing pleasures. If you have aol or aim then my screen names are IrisofSaphire, FlavoredNebula, and CrystalMonsoon. The ability to im me is in your hands. use it wisely.

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Last updated 12/27/03