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-mike mundt, the 2nd guitarist of blindHERO has just joined the band.

-blindHERO TAPES are for sale now... 5 bucks for one... so send your money to:
530 swamp road
doylestown, pa 18901

- blindHERO will be playing at central bucks west high skools talent show on april 24, its 2 dollars to get in and starts at 7 pm. the songs will be recorded, and may end up on our CD as a bonus.

-here's the first public release of our NEW CD cover, which will be printed on the first set of CD's -all the money we make at our next show (dec. 1st) is going to a 17 year old who went to east high school. on his 17th b-day, he got in a car accident, and lost his ability to walk, and talk. and his insurance is running up, so he'd be kicked out of the hospital on december 8th. with our contribution, he'll be able to stay in the hospital. if you cannot attend the concert, please send any donation you may have to: blindHERO, 530 swamp road, doylestown, pa 18901.

-blindHERO's cd is coming out at the end of february, an official "re-release", send your money in for one today!

-blindHERO will be the headlining band at a punk show which will have two bands opening up for them. the scheduled date is december 1st.