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://blindHERO is a pop-punk band from the philadelphia area, they have been around since february of 1999. they have many fans which have supported them since they started by going to most of their shows/gigs. blindHERO's main influence is blink-182, one of the most successful punk bands in history. blink-182 happens to be blindHERO's favorite band. blindHERO has 12 of their own songs, and play a few cover songs for fun. help blindHERO by spreading the word to all your friends about the band and their upcoming cd which should be available in november. thank you, and enjoy the site>>>

://the band_

chris campbell - guitar/vocals

luke carr - bass/vocals

jon van dine - drums



- the cd will be recorded on October 21st, 2000 and shall be available for purchasing in november

- luke carr, the bassist moved to maryland, which is gonna be hard to play together, but luke will be able to visit often