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Group Bio

Blindhero has been together for one year as of the end of january 2000. The band originated with luke carr on drums and chris campbell playing guitar. The two held short practice sessions in chris's basement for about a month. During this time the first song was written, it was entitled 'last'. Soon after, jon van dine became a member of the band as the drummer. With luke now playing the bass, the band started to weekly cover such songs as 'brainstew' - 'fly away' - and 'got the life' - chris and luke continued to write songs for the band. At this time, the band was known as '747', this quickly changed to 'rook', then the name 'logic' was used, and yet again they changed back to 'rook'. This name was held for a period of time when the band played their first "venues". The first had about 13 girls, the second was held by the washouts, the third we each got paid 20 bucks in tips, and the fourth was a 'rook' party where it is known that luke was in a really bad mood that night. After the fourth party the band realized how stupid the name 'rook' was. For short periods of time different names were used such as 'A list performance' - ' steves egg' - '' and who knows what else, actually Todd from the washouts has a pretty consistent tab on all of the past names used. Finally... jon suggested the name 'hero', or something of that nature. As luke pondered the idea he looked to his locker to see a 'blind' fingerboard in the back. Resulting in the name, blindHERO.
This band has come a long way, from playing 15seconds of 'got the life' and the entire song of 'brianstew' with no vocals what so ever; to writing and arranging songs, with two lead singers, and actually being able to cover a whole song. This was all possible without even adding a new member to the band. Now coming to their one year anniversary, blindHERO is expected to release their first cd with 12 songs, blindHERO thanks you for taking interest in the band, and hopes that your interest is kept.