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PleeeaR's Poem Page

WhEn YoU FeEl DiFfErEnT, It'S TiMe To FaCe FaCtS
NoBoDy CaN StAnD Up To YoU.
SeE WiTh YoUr MiNd, NoT WiTh YoUr EyEs.
ReAd BeTwEeN ThE LiNeS,
It AlL BeCoMeS ClEaR.
OnLy Be OfFeNdEd By ThOsE WhO MeAn To OfFeNd YoU.
OfFeNd ThOsE WhO FuCk WiTh YoUr MiNd.
DoN't TaKe AnYtHiNg FrOm AnYoNe WhO DoEsN't StAnD Up FoR YoU.
DoN't TaKe AnOtHeR's MiNd, DoN't ThInK AnOtHeR's ThOuGhTs.
Be YoUrSeLf.

Okay, I decided to break this shit down into seperate pages because even I was finding it a bit of a bastard to look thru the poems when they were all on the same page, so I've decided to slap 'em into different sections. If you've been here before, you'll have noticed that the sections have changed. Sorry about that, but I need change or it becomes shitty and monotonous. Just click the section title of where u wanna go. Anyways, here they are:


My Old Enemy AKA Love

You aren't what they want you to be

Hate in your brain

We don't need you

Express unexplained problems


I'd just like to say my usual thanx to the beautiful Spacey for being a great friend and for being one of the only people to understand me. Thankyou babe, Love you loads. Stay beautiful because I know you can't stay good.

Also thankyou to anyone who gets in contact with me, anyone who gives me general feedback and anyone that decides

For those who care to know more about me...

Thought I'd better put this section on so when people do actually contact me about my poems they're not asking 101 questions. So click on the link below to visit my little personal page.


Know me More than you want to

Contact me!

If my stupid guestbook actually appears below, then if you wish, you can leave a comment in there. If you want to talk to me, you can email me: or you can add me to your ICQ list: #64904450
If you get in touch with me via email or ICQ please state that you've been to this site by either using 'Poetry' as your email subject or by telling me via an ICQ message, cheers, just so I know why you're emailing me. Also if you're emailing, tell me your age/sex/location + any other info you wanna give, just so I can remember who ya'll. By the way, my guestbook is a bit stupid, for the question 'Overall favourite poem se' its supposed to say 'Overall favourite poem section' and for the second 'name' question, put your nickname. all.