NEW!! The Statiks LIVE!! at the Velvet Lounge, Washington, DC

NEW!! More of your favorite heart-throbs rocking the Velvet Lounge

A Brickwall. Also, The Statiks.

More Statiks in front of a brick wall.

The Statiks LIVE! at Bottom of the Hill, S.F.

The Statiks and a fence.

Same fence, different angle.

Jeff with his guitar while recording

Matt, most likely drunk or something...

The Statiks at the airport before they left for San Francisco

Doug "Clockwork Orange" Dillion, recording The Statiks

Jeff looking really fucked....

Tim and Jeff rockin' Yip Roc, Lancaster

Matt blasting his drums LAMF!

Jill and Matt being contemplative @ The Covered Wagon Saloon, S.F.

Jill, her bass and her glasses @ Yip Roc, Lancaster