Name: Tim Shock

Nicknames: Asshole

Instrument: Vocals

Fav. Color: Red

Turn-Ons: Chicks in general

Influences: Bowie, New York Dolls, Social Distortion, Dead Boys, Flesh For Lulu

Fav. Vice: Ciggarettes


Name: Matt Fester

Nicknames: Officer J.D. Dinglehoffer

Instrument: Drums

Fav. Color: Black

Turn-Ons: Any chick that dosen't look like his mother or aunt

Influences: Scared of Chakka, The Boils, Beer

Fav. Vice: Coke, Skoal

Name: Jill Statik

Nicknames: Jillian Jinx, Roxy Monoxide

Instrument: Bass

Fav. Color: Purple

Turn-Ons: Bass players named BJ, well read individuals

Influences: David Bowie, Joan Jett, X-Ray Spex, Velvet Underground, Stiff Little Fingers

Fav. Vice: Too many to mention












Name: James Egglesston

Nickname: The Egg

Instrument: Lead Guitar

Fav. Color: Cannabis Green

Turn-Ons: Good Old T&A, Money, Vampire Porn

Influences: Pete Townshend, Tim Armstrong, Mole Man Cutler

Fav. Vice: Halucingenics, Mary Jane, Codine








Name: Tom Rodriguez

Nickname: Fifi Rodriguez

Instrument: Rythym Guitar

Fav. Color: Black

Turn-Ons: Missing Teeth, Pumpkin Porn

Influences: Johnny Vomit and The Dryheaves, The Chodes