Hello there, I'm Crisy and this is my space!! I'm in the process of fixing, changing and rearranging so stop by frequently to see the changes!!


Location: Michigan

Date of Birth: 9/13/80

Occupation: college student

Sex: Female

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 139

I know its blurry cause I took it myself!! But hey my eyes look really really cool!! LOL

It may look easy from the outside.

If I could just face the fact that I am one of the weakest people that I have ever met... maybe that would make it all a bit easier. If everyone knew that the brave weren't as strong as they seem, we might be happier. With the exception of all those who would be busy tending to their shattered illusions, it might do the world some good.

Or would anyone really care to know that the strongest moments in my life are when I resist the temptation of self-destruction; when I keep myself from driving into something, just to see what it would feel like?

Don't ask me where it comes from. In fact, maybe you could tell me. Then maybe you could also tell me the roots of all my other problems. Tell me why I don't think things through. Tell me why things always turn sour. Tell me why desire always wins.

So anywho enjoy your stay or whatever I'm supposed to say, and come back real soon if you feel like it.

There's Don and I!! This pic was taken at The Warped Tour!! And yes I know, Im burnt really bad!! But it was worth it!! Click here to see more Warp Tour Pics!!

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