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Softball Injury
Richard and Kerri
Van's Warped Tour 2000
My Bunny
My Industrial

Yes she is!! LOL

Kerri claims that Richard is very mild mannered and shy!! Bull shit!! When I worked at Subway he used to come in and trash the place!! From swinging from the plants to rearranging the entire place!! Locking me out, stealing my chair, GOD I could go on forever!!

Richard is an ex-train robber, he once kiddnapped me and locked me in his closet for an entire WEEK, and feed me nothing but fruit roll ups and grape juice!! YUCK!!

Kerri is very obsessive!! Lets see...hmmm...The Stone, AC/DC, Beck, Areosmith, Nicky, Mick, Richard, her thunderous thighs, (LOL) my leather jacket!!! The list goes on and on!! LOL Help me out here Kerri!! What else do you obsess about!! Hey and if you can come up with any more stories about you, Richard or me tell me and I'll post them!! LOL Love ya hon!!