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" Our town sucks our scene rules!"

Vocals: Brent Anderson
Guitar/vocals: Ryan Davis
Guitar: Alex Ford
Bass: Will Davis
Drums: Ben Souther

REPOSE is a local, hardcore, punk band from the podunk town of Marysville, WA. Since no one knows this town exists, I decided to make a webpage for this band to inform people that small towns can create rad punk bands!
Repose currently has five memebers who are Brent Anderson on lead vocals, Alex Ford playing guitar, Will Davis plays bass, Ben Souther plays drums and their newest member, Ryan Davis plays guitar and also does some vocals. The band has been around since 1996 and has already created a new punk scene for Marysville. They've released a five song EP called Put Up A Fight, which was recorded in Long Beach, California in B Room. (The place where Long Beach Dub All Stars record their stuff.) They've also released a new album called "Live And Stupid", which has all the Put Up A Fight songs plus some live stuff.
Repose plays a lot of live shows in mostly Marysville as well as in other local venues around the area.. A few local bands they've played with are Postively Negative, Five-Forty, SIQ, Alphadrone and Caught Red Handed. Also, at some of their shows they have a bagpipe player asl well. Some of their shows benefit Marysville's skate park (Save Our Skaters) charity fund to collect money to built a skate park here and in Granite Falls.
So if you're ever here (which I feel bad for you if you our) or should I say, if you're forced to come to Marysville try to catch REPOSE live or at least buy their CD.
If you're too lazy to come back to this webpage for updates, I'll add you to the REPOSE mailing list. I'll e-mail you on their upcoming shows, reviews, if they're coming out with a new album and whatever else happens. This summer Repose might be doing a show in with Corn Doggy Dog (from skunk records) in Long Beach, Cali.

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