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Family Values
Welcome brothers and sisters.

So BsV are known for being loud mouthed street punks with bad temper's and too many weapons...
Well yeah, that's what we mostly are....
but the point is, We are a family, at least that's what Clan Blood Storm is. We have honor with in,
and that is what will keep us strong. Just do yourself a favor and remember..

" Even in the Darkest of Dark
Some one is always watching."

Our Domain

A long winding street through the capital city, St. Clarisville, leads you to the well guarded gates of the BsV domain.
If you are let through the gates of Timbrooke Mansion, the driveway leads through a maze of well maintained landscape.
In the horizon, tall vaulted ceilings reach up into the skyline.
Heavy vines are entangled up the sides of the old mansion. Shadows dance and seem to be alive,
if you feel you are being watched,
trust me you are.

If you make it past the detection sensors, and other various security measures,
Your eyes land on a pair of over sized oak doors.
Inside the mansion and to the left, a full size bar lines the west wall,
to the right, a step down lounge complete with pool table, couches, and an impressive entertainment system.
Many doors and passageways lead from this main room. There is also a gym out back.

Along the north wall stands two more doors,
one marked "The Lair" (private for memebers only) and the other "The Sanctum"(a formal meeting room),
but it is the dark hallway between them that draws your attention. At the end of that hall stands a rather large,
imposing metal door, in the wood above it "The Vault" is branded .
This room holds many secrets, and is well guarded.

The various catacombs that run under the mansions foundation,
are a long lost labyrinth that runs under the cities sewer systems.
From Kat's mansion you can get just about anywhere.
Well enjoy your visit, and try not to get lost.

The Embrace

Surrounded in darkness you stand.
You feel eyes on you, and hear only silence.
Slowly you see a pale hand emurge from nothingness and reach out to you,
a soft voice fills your ear."Come with me little one, let me show you the way."

A cold thin hand grasps yours and you are led through the darkness. Black haze surounds your mind and swirls down a long dank hallway.
Others stand on either side of you, watching you, searching your eyes for any hint of fear.

The icey hand releases yours and you are left standing in a dark room,
the air musky and thick with anticipation.

A cold gust of air brushes over the back of your neck as the voice whispers to you from behind.
"Close your eyes if you must, but welcome your embrace with open arms.
If you choose to run from who you are to become, we will hunt you , and tear you apart

And so begin your new unlife...

"We vampires are sought after, dreamed about, and glorified in dark tales.
Non-vampires bleed eachother, trying to seek the special high that only we can truyly attain.
Oui we are lucky creatures."
(mary ann mitchell)


St. Clair
Kathryn Sterling
Jurek Ysal
Lacey the Brat Portland
Alisha Davis
Ivan O'Mally
Boston Contact

Just so everyone knows, our domain is located in
the entertainment and arts section of Yahoo chat.
The taverns and domains are located in the user rooms.
In our game we use T1 and T1.1, and use approved characters only. All others will be treated as npc's.
If you are not familiar with these terms please visit The Rules Page
This Clan is largely based on WoD published by White Wolf. However we reserve the right to play our own characters as we see fit.
Our Characters play in rooms designed for this type of play and are marked so. If you would like to join in
Contact Kat
A character sheet will be required and she will offer to help you make one if need be.
All rp story lines are fictional and the product of someones imagination.
Everyone try to remember that and go have fun.

Mail here.

This site is owned and created byEvil vs. Evil.
Pictures and such are still property of their rightful owners. And are not meant to be a chanllenged as such.

The Heart of the Storm

Player Submissions