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Women in Sports:  Two Can Play at this Game.

    American society and culture constantly hide the role of women in athletics.  Famous male athletes consistently receive all the fame and glory that they so notably deserve.  However, there are just as many women athletes who have made as significant and remarkable accomplishments as many famous male athletes.  Although significant amounts of people are not aware of some of the amazing feats that some of today's female athletes are making.  The purpose of this site is to further reinforce the accomplishments of some of the most talented female athletes in the world...proving that men aren't the only ones who can dazzle us with their athletic abilities.


The following are the accomplishments of five of the worlds most amazing female athletes....who everyone should know of and appreciate:


Serena Williams-Professional Tennis Player

Career Highlights:

-taking the tennis world by storm...not only is she a women who is dominating the sport, but she's also an African American which is significant considering that tennis is traditionally viewed as a sport only played by White people.

-entered her 1st tennis tournament at age 4!

-won nearly every match at the junior level

-turned Pro at age 14!

-won her first Professional title against Martina Hingis

-accomplished amazing feats in 2002-> had 56 wins and 5 losses...won 8 titles including 3 major ones: The French Open, The U.S. Open, and Wimbledon.

-in Grand Slam events she has a record of 89 wins and 14 losses

-she has a career win/loss record of 247-43!!!

Lisa Leslie-Professional Basketball Player (WNBA-Women's National Basketball Association)

Career Highlights:

-at the University of Southern California she was named National Player of Year and was an All-American her senior year.

-also while at college...owns Pac-10 career records for scoring (2,414 points!)...rebounds (1,214!)...and blocks (321!)

-after college she was drafted into the WNBA and currently plays for the Los Angeles Sparks

-in 1997 she was named to the All-WNBA team

-also in 1997 she led the WNBA league in rebounding, was ranked 2nd in blocked shots, and was ranked 3rd in scoring (led her team in all 3 of those categories!)

-played for the U.S. National team at the 1998 World Championships in Germany.

-Lisa was also the leading scorer of the 1996 U.S.A. Women's Basketball team in the Olympics (helping the team win the Gold Medal...going undefeated along the way!)

-in her 7 year career in the WNBA (still in progress), Lisa has played in 205 games...has 1,956 rebounds...462 assists...259 steals...466 blocks...and 3,617 points!

-besides from those outstanding personal statistics...Lisa's team has won 2 WNBA Championships.


Annika Sorenstam-Professional Golfer (LPGA-Ladies Professional Golf Association)



Career Highlights:

-has been a member of the LPGA tour for 10 years.

-inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2003.

-only 4th player in LPGA history to post more than 5 wins in 4 consecutive season.

-6th player ever to complete the Career Grand Slam (winning all major events in a single season).

-1st women since 1945 to compete on the men's PGA tour when she teed it up at the Bank of America Colonial in Fort Worth, Texas...just missed the cut in the tournament, proving she can compete with the men.

-set or tied 22 LPGA records.

-won the LPGA's Patty Berg Award, was named Player of the Year, and won the Golf Writer's Trophy...all in 2003!

-competed in a skins match against three of the world's best male golfers (Phil Mickleson, Mark O'meara, and Fred Couples) where she finished in 2nd place!

-has a total of 48 LPGA tournament victories since 1995...and has won 15 LPGA Awards!


Mia Hamm-Professional Soccer Player

Career Highlights:

-considered by many to be the Michael Jordan of soccer...also considered the best all-around soccer player in the world.

-1st ever 3-time U.S. Soccer Athlete of the Year....MALE OR FEMALE!

-led the Women's National Team at the 1996 centennial Olympic Games to a Gold Medal.

-named U.S. Soccer's Female Athlete of the Year for 3 consecutive years (1994-96)...becoming the first ever to do so.

-led the Gold Medal U.S. team in scoring in 1996 with 19 goals and 18 assists.

-named Most Valuable Player of the Women's World Cup in 1995.

-youngest women to ever play on the Women's U.S. National Team (age 15!)

-broke the all-time international scoring record...for both males and females...scoring her 108th goal on May 16, 1999.

-named the U.S. Soccer's Chevrolet Female Athlete of the Year 5 years in a row (1994-1998).

-ended 1999 as the world's all-time leading scorer...tallying 114 goals...93 assists...and 321 points!

-named to the all-Women's World Cup Team.

-in college at the University of Carolina, Chapel Hill, she won 4 NCAA Championships...was a 3-time All-American...became the all-time leader of her conference in goals (103)...assists (72)...and points (278)...and on top of that all, the University honored her by retiring her number.


Cammi Granato-Professional Ice Hockey Player





Career Highlights:

-played boy's hockey from kindergarten up to her Junior year in high-school.

-one of three women who has been with the U.S. Women's National Team since its inception.

-named U.S.A. Women's Player of the year in 1996 and named first ever U.S. Women's captain.

-in 1997, she was the International Ice Hockey Federation All-Tournament Player in the Women's World Championships.

-leading scorer at the World Championships in 1992 and was named M.V.P.

-women's ice hockey debuted as a medal sport for the first time in the 1998 Winter Olympics at Nagono, Japan...Granato was captain of Team U.S.A. and led them to a Gold Medal.

-selected by fellow Americans to be the U.S.A. flag-bearer at the closing ceremony in Nagono, Japan.

-also led Team U.S.A. to a silver medal in the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City...led the team in goals and assists while doing so...and became a member of the 2002 Olympic Tournament All-Star Team.

-currently is the all-time leading scorer in the history of the U.S. Women's National Team...tallying an amazing 129 goals...120 assists...for a total of 249 points in just 147 games!

-at Providence College Granato set every school record...was named Rookie of the Year her freshman year and was named Player of the Year her sophomore, junior, and senior year...on top of that she won 2 NCAA National titles.

-currently plays for the Vancouver Griffins...a women's professional team in Canada (NWHL-National Women's Hockey League).



    These 5 outstanding female athletes are just a few of the amazing women athletes dazzling the nation with their athletic abilities.  Attitudes towards female athletes are usually negative: their images in the media tend to be distorted.  Stories often focus on their physical attractiveness rather than on their accomplishments and abilities.  Conversely, the media tends to glorify the strength and power of all male athletes.  Furthermore, male sports receive more media coverage and more television exposure.  For example, this year the men's  Basketball 2004 NCAA National Championship was aired on the most popular television station, CBS; while the female Championship was aired on ESPN...although the most popular sport channel,is not a standard cable channel like CBS which every television has.  There is no reason why the accomplishments of these 5 women should be something unknown to any kind of sports fan.  Most people, even huge sports fanatics (male or female) do not even know who Cammi Granato is; and if your any kind of sports fan, there is no way her personal accomplishments in ice hockey can't amaze you.  All in all, the male athletes that are American icons and recognized for their athletic accomplishments deserve all the respect they get, however, there are female athletes accomplishing just as much and even more than some famous male athletes who do not receive any attention at all.  Both male and female athletes should be equally respected and appreciated by our culture.  Women can play sports just as successfully as men; and they can set mind-boggling records just like men; thus they should receive an equal amount of attention, appreciation, and respect as all male athletes so commonly receive. 



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