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What's the What


Welcome to "What's the What", a place where my musings will be published for all the world to see. I'm naturally a very complex person, and figured I should share my confusion, conclusions and curiousness with others who wish to know what I think of current affairs, of celebrity mishaps and my views on novels, films and music. In other words I needed a place to rant without interruptions and make my voice heard. Feel free to take a look around, and revel in the perplexity that is my world!


The Newspaper

... where I'll publish my opinions and frustrations about events occurring around Australia and the world.


The Hollywood Sign

... where I'll criticise or acclaim the personal lives of celebrities, and not to mention rip into their fashion faux passes.


The Bookshelf

... where I'll review the novels I've read lately, and either encourage you to buy it or burn it. Either way.


The Cinema

... where I'll list my favourite films and tell you why they're brilliant, or comment on new releases.


The Recording Studio

... where I'll discuss the latest music, #1's and the next Spice Girls.