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June 20th -- Back! But still working on getting stuff set up... Oh my goodness, I am so over my head. Check back often, please!!

March 24th -- Okay, I added some "c" occupations, might move to "d" now... Look, I could really, really use a helper. NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE of HTML is required, and lessons will be provided. You will be rewarded in any way I can do, open for suggestions on the matter. Interested? Email me.

March 22nd -- Sahj Rosk religion added to the Religion page, all pages' font size increased to reduce squinting. Sorry to say, but you can expect no updates 'till I have a helper for the site... (Don't forget, April 1st is the ELEVENTH AGE!!)

March 8th -- Make your comments... Go ahead. >.>;; Anyway, I gave up in "b" and moved on to "c". So, woot indeed. More occus, food still to come, and BEASTIARY! Still looking for HELP!!!

February 18th -- Gosh... Well, it's the weekend now... Hopefully, lots of updates! I added a few occupations, RPGI has been added with awesome new bots and items (Thanks Shades), and I will definitely be moving onto "C" now. DoR Tourney is finally here!!!
P.S. Still lookin' for an assistant!

February 9th -- AGH! Sorry about that, peoples, but that wasn't my fault. My dad has been on the past few days because of some stuff he had to do (I can't wait for our second computer!!). Well, the DoR Tourney is still approaching, and rapidly! I can't wait. Also, I've added a "B" Occupation... I might be going on to "C"s soon. I'm still looking for help on the site, see announcement thread on Valdar Forums for more info.

February 4th -- You'll see I added some more "B" occupations. Any others you got on your mind? I could use suggestions! Thanks. Plus, I'm trying to keep the site updated (even if just little things like a typo fixed) each day, or at least every two or so days.

February 2nd -- GUH! So little update! I am so sorry everyone! I hope you still check this site... At least monthly! =/ Okay, new occupations (Way more still to come; not in alpha order):
More to come. After the occupations are done, or sufficiently full, I will add beasts. Then onto the foods and such. Then, I will make new skin with new buttons:
-"Government" will explain all the local laws and how the government of Valdar operates and functions on a daily basis.
-"Gods" will extensively get into the gods' palace, what they each do (specifically), social relationships they have, explain the god name system, what each god was like in their mortal life, and common rules among the gods.
-"Calendar" will extensively set out the date of each majour date in Valdarian culture, majour events, majour holidays, and the dates of the Set/Seq change-overs; and will be conveniently be compared to our modern calendar.
Don't forget that the Days of Reckoning Tourney will be taking place all of this month, and will go as long as it takes to finish! Rules and regulations will be more extensively explained this weekend on the boards!

January 14th -- Sorry I haven't updated in awhile, guys. 100+ occupations soon to come. I took a little break from that, it was stressing. No, really, I just took some time off and straightened out a few other things in my life. But I'm back, and I will be updated that once more little by little.

January 2nd -- Well, Valdar has no New Year's celebration, but coming up on April, they will be having a new Seq celebration... AND a new AGE celebration! Anywho... Updates: I added some occupations to the occupation section, AND I added a really cool letter-jump feature at the top of that section. More to come, keep checkin'!
P.S.: If you would like to suggest an occupation for Valdar, Email me!

December 28th -- Well, I'm going through some rough times... But I still got the heart to update for you. Not much, but I added Elmris (Finally done with those towns!) and a bit of an in-sight on what's to come in the Foods section.

December 23rd -- WOAH! Haven't updated in forever, but I've been busy posting and stuff! Anyway, I added the new map, and working on the town maps. And, on Christmas, I'm thinking of tripling the gold values for posting...

November 19th -- Yeah... This time, I really haven't updated in while, but I now added two towns to the Area Description page! ^_^;;

November 04th -- Haven't updated in a while, sorry. I've been posting on the site to get it back on track, more active, n' all that. (Glad to have you back, Azure) Well, for today, I changed The Valdarian Temple's religion page, adding a bit more indepth information. Not much, I know -- Sorry.

October 27th -- Tenth age done, new religion added (sorry guys, it's a pretty small description but I couldn't think of anything else for that religion). I'll get to work on the rest of the town descriptions now!

October 26th -- Ninth age finished, and I think this one might be the longest. the last ones have all been pretty long, but this one I think has the most changes in Valdarian culture, and probably one of the most important ages. Hope you enjoy, and I'll get the tenth one done soon.

October 24th -- I finished the Eighth Age. Hopefully I'll have the other two done by the end of October, then in November I can work on Town Descriptions, then in December I can get active members, and then (hopefully) by New Year's we can celebrate a successful community.

October 20th -- Sorry for the no-update. Uhm, let's see. I finished the fifth, sixth, and seventh ages. Soon I'll do the eigth, nineth and tenth. They won't be too hard at all, sixth was the longest. Whoo! You should read it, it's pretty long. Anywhoo, hope you enjoy.

October 8th -- (Technically the ninth 'cause it's 1:39 AM here) Hey, guys, I got the Fifth Age added to the Ten Ages page. The Sixth Age is going to be Oroo's first reign, the Seventh Age will be Oroo's Second Reign/Defeat, the Eigth Age will be Xlander's Outbreak, which will be the outbreak of Xlander's House religion. The Ninth Age will be Xlander's Reign, and the Tenth Age will be The Polytheistic Age. Bet you can't wait, can you guys? ^_^;;

October 6th -- Yeah, I know, I've said it a hundred times, but this time I'm REALLY going to try and finish up "The Ten Ages," afterwards move onto the towns and finish any more religions, but there aren't many more.

September 29th -- Yeah, yeah. Rub it in, I couldn't keep away... Anywho, Valdar is back and with a new RPG Hack. Hope you all have fun, and I'll be trying to get all of this stuff finished up.

September 14th -- **--ENTRY DELETED--**

September 11th -- Ugh... School is affecting me very badly. Bottom line is I can't work on Valdar most of the week. A, C, and D days I have tons of homework, and on B days I'll only be able to update and post a little. So, during the weekends, I hope to be able to update and post as much as possible. Ten Ages will be done soon (seeing as Ages 8-10 are nothing important), so that page will be over with. After that, I will move onto Town/Area Descriptions in their respective order (as seen on Valdar Boards; i.e. Try first [as it is], Cameron second [as it is], etc.). After, the Religion page will get it's last religion, the Treis, and then I will update the religion page each time a new religion comes to pass.

September 6th -- Thanks to you all for voting, and the new template is set up on the main page. Yay. I like this one much better, don't you? Looks... You know, more professional! XD Thank the lord for PhotoShop, eh? Anywho, no real updates other than that. The Ten Ages page I hope to finish soon, and then I'll finish up... Well, everything else as soon as I can. Damn school...

September 4th -- Well, first off, thanks to IceWorksDesgigns for the awesome new top n' bottom grads. Also, I want you guys to vote on a page template. Either keep this one, or switch the this one: [ Click'th ] or switch to this one: [ Click'th ]
The poll can be found on Valdar's Message Boards. Thanks.

August 31st -- Last day of August, and I've gone crazy. Look left right, down and up, you'll see new stuff everywhere! I mean it, three new pages added: "Affiliation," "About The Author," and "Vote For Valdar." Neat lil' bottom and top borders added for looking professional. The "Side Banner" on the left was removed, and the navigation was moved over there, which is now in IMAGES I might add. Booyah.

August 30th -- ALRIGHT! Sorry about that down-time, peoples. The links were broken, and I wasn't updatin'. Lethal stuff, eh? Well, now that I've fixed the links (it was such a crap problem, I feel so stupid), I will be posting a lot of updates. First off, I'm filling in the Eligrathian Religion page, then move on from there -- Town descriptions/religions, then other stuff AFTER that.

August 24th -- Well, I'm going somewhere, soooo... BYE. I'll update lots tomorrow, so hang in there. I'll post more religions, and blah and stuff. So, lots of updating tomorrow. Got it all written out, just need to get the pages and links up. Enjoy... Er, you will, tomorrow. See you'se!

August 23rd -- Yay. New banner for both Project Tynl and Valdar Boards. Enjoy. Uhhhhm.... Nothing else, really. I'm working on everything else and posting at the same time. Not easy, but I do it. Le sigh, eh? No problem. XD

August 22nd -- No updates that I can think of. o.O;;

August 21st -- Damn it... School starts on September 8th. Oh jolly, can't wait, eh? Anywho, first off: The "~~~" in Xlander's House page is TEMP. I'll finish it up soon. I added a lil' chat, and made a SUPER new banner. Awesome, huh? ^_^;; Oh, and if you'll notice, a lot of pages were added: Pronunciation, Religions, etc. Oh, and guess what, the music is STILL THERE, just invisable so you can't turn it off. XD

August 20th -- I've added a lil' message in your status bar for each day of the week. Today is friday, n' it'll say "This day's message coming soon;" I couldn't think of seven. -_-;;
I added music to the page, you can stop if you wanted, but it's good music, so bah. It's kind of a promotional thing, for my brother's music. Yes, my brother is F.R.I.T., and made that song you're listening to SOLELY with the same computer I'm using right now to update this page.
Cool, huh?

August 19th -- Hello everyone. Sorry about the lack of update, I wasn't at home last night or this morning. Don't worry, I'm not slacking *Cough*, but I'll be updating laaaaater on.... 'kay? Alrighty.

August 18th -- Yay. I got the freakin' IFRAMEs to work, so now you'll always be on the same page, technically, just looking at different content by clicking on the lil' links on the side. Map and "What Is Valdar?" pages added, so sweet, so useful. More comming, rest assured. I might get more maps up, of each town/area, probably not though. I'm thinking about registering a .tk or domain for all you lazy bones... Including myself. I'll keep you all updated.

August 17th -- Yay. Valdar now has an official site other than the board. The board is re-opened, and hopefully I can get our member to become active once more (mainly Azured). Upgrades on Valdar Website To Come:
--Map Page (Map Done, Page Coming)
--Religion Page
--Detail Pages (One for each town/area)(The equivilant of the Description Forum)
--Etc., detailed pages for a further insight into Valdar; common jobs, foods, races, monsters, and more.