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  • TUPURO WATER PURIFIER uses a natural method of purifying water.

  • It has 2 independent disposable layers that warrants a longer cartridge life and ensures cleaner water. 

  • Its filter element acting as pre filter in screening out solid particles such as flakes, fine sand, algae, asbestos fiber, etc.

  • It contains HIGH-GRADE ACTIVATED CARBON - absorbs bad odor, taste and color, detergents, microscopic worms,  harmful bacteria, invisible suspended matter, toxic metals, 99% effective in removing chlorine; also removes other chemicals.

  • Made of engineering plastic for maximum durability, food-grade plastic that does not taste with water.

  • Rotatable water outlet for convenient use.

  • Two separate water valves for ordinary and purified water.

  • Designed foe ease in cartridge replacement.

  • Two Years warranty on non-consumable parts (excluding gasket, spout, tee, nipple pipe) and lifetime free service.

  • No electricity needed.