title>Basic Ki Techniques
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Basic Ki Techniques

Grounding: Your most needed Ki techinique as a beginner is "Grounding". The purpose of it is to draw Ki. Ok first stand somewhere is your house/ outside where there arent any distractions. Then close your eyes, put your feet shoulder length apart and slightly bend your knees to open your meridians, keep a straight back, you must realize there is free flowing Ki all around you. In the earth, the air, plants, and animals, everywhere. Then visualize the green Ki underground in the earth everywhere under you. Then visualize roots shooting out of the bottom of your feet. Then visualize the Ki coming up the roots into your feet up your legs into your Tan-tien. Your Tan-tien and legs will feel warm, and maybe tingly if you did it right.

Ki Ball: A ki ball is the first step in controlling your ki outside the body. To create a ki ball you must first visualize and focus on the green ki spinning in your Tan-Tein. Once you have done that, visualize that every time you take a deep breath in, a green ball of ki moves up from your tan-tein to your chest. Then, as you breathe out, visualize the ball of ki splitting in half, and each half running down each of your arms and into your hands.Do this several times and your hands should feel very warm and tingly. Then cup your hands like your hold i big softball.After this, imagine the ki flowing out of your hands like liquid in between your hands the two liquids coming out of each hand wrapping around each other forming a ball. You must focus to keep the ball round, and also visualize it spinning. If you did it correctly you will feel warmness/ a magnetism in between your hands. You can make it bigger or smaller just by thought.This is a GREAT exersize for begginers and even intermediates, I make my students do 15 or more everyday of course with alot of grounding also.!!YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE YOUR KI BALL UNLESS YOU HAVE YOR 3RD EYE OPEN AND YOU SHOULDNT TRY TO OPEN IT UNTIL ABOUT AFTER YOUR 1ST MONTH OF TRAINING!!

Drawing Ki: This is my favorite form of drawing Ki. First sit in a meditative postition. Cross legged, right arm on left calf muscle, left arm on right calf muscle, and back straight. You can put your back against a wall or on a couch. Then do a breathing exersize to get you in a meditated state. The one I use is very simple. Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 2 seconds, then let out for 5 seconds, hold for 2 seconds. Repeat over and over until in a meditated state. Then visualize all the green Ki in the air everywhere. Then breath in through your nose and as you do visualize the Ki coming in through your nose down into your Tan-tien. Then as you breathe out of your mouth visualize grey ki (used ki) coming out of your mouth. Do this until you feel you have enough Ki. Once you get very good at this you can do it while not in a meditated state and even just walking around and such.

Ki Flame: This technique will open up your meridians for a short period of time (30 minutes-an hour)so that more Ki can flow through them. Thus making it easier to move your Ki around. First stand in the basic stance that you use to ground exept put your hands at your waist. Then visualize Ki in the shape of a flame around your whole body. Then visualize roots shooting out into the earth, just like in grounding. Then just like grounding bring ki up into your body exept this time make it fill the entire flame up including your body. Rush the Ki in as quick as possible, fill the flame full until you feel you cannot hold it any longer and then as quick as you can rush the Ki into your Tan-tien. You can even let a out a yell if you feel the need to. You will be able to manipulate ki better now for about 30 minutes to an hour. You can do this tech as many times as you would like.

Ki Blast: The Ki blast shouldnt be attempted until about 5th day of training,Ki doesnt effect any non living organisms ie. a desk, pencil and such, and dont expect it knock anything over, Ive been practicing for 2 and a half years and the most I can get mine to do it a push. Ok first step is to do your basic stance that you do in Grounding. Then draw Ki into your hands, be sure to put about 2-3X what you would put in a Ki ball. Your hands should be extreemely tingly and warm. Then take your hands and put then at your side one above the other by about 2 inches. Then you must form a Ki ball in between, be sure to keep it spinning and focus on it. Then visualize where you want it to go. (For a Ki ball to be succesful you must visualize the Ki blast going through your opponent, and you must attack from about 5-8 inches away, because compressed Ki breaks down the further it goes). Then thrust your hands foward, you dont have to do it fast, you can do it slow and it will be a little weaker, but the first few time do it slow so you can get it down, but as you do focus on the Ki ball following your hands, then as soon as your arms are very close to your opponent (1-3inches) visualize the Ki ball going through him as fast as you can. To make you Ki blast stronger, there are 3 ways. (1) putting more Ki into it and focusing on it more, (2)of course just doing more ki blast, and (3) doing LOTS of Ki balls. I've been practicing Ki for about 2 years now and the strongest i can get my Ki blast to go (or atleast have showed so far) is a strong push on the back, or loss of breathe.

Basic Ki Healing: Place your hands on the wounded or painful area. Let your ki flow into the injured area. Picture your ki as the color yellow, and the pain as the color red. As your ki enters the other person's body, have the yellow energy overpower the red energy. In your mind it should look like the yellow is eating away at the pain. After about a minute, their should be no more red, meaning no more pain.