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Explanation of Telekinesis

Telekinesis is referd to as TK. By using telekinesis, you can move things with your mind. For example, if you drop your pencil and you are too lazy to pick it up, when you get good enough at TK, you can pick the pencil up and into your hands with your mind. Now note, you have to be really really good at TK before you can acheive this. TK, to me, is one of the most dificult energy type to master. It takes great amounts of focus and alot of dedication. To move an object with your mind, or use TK, you first need to start out with a small item such as a sewing needle or a bouncy ball Focus on this object greatly. Form a wall of Psi, or Ki right infront of the object. Focus hard. Then, reach out with your hand and touch the wall. Imagine the wall collapsing onto the object with great force. It will take a long while before you are able to master this little trick, but it will greatly impress your friends. I prefer that newbie's at TK start by taking the very end of the necklace so that the charm is hanging. focus on the charm and practice moving it in certian directions. For instance, clock wise, counter clock wise....ect.