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Twilight of the Apocalypse
Chapter 8: Visions of the Apocalypse
Central City 14, New Eutora - 15 June 2016, 0120 hours
Danny Tan's eyes were burning from exhuastion. His vision swam. His mind was a
total blank as he sat by the table beside his bed. His hands flipped the pages of
the textbook he was holding.
Mathematics was boring. The numbers seemed to move on their own, floating
around him like annoying insects. Danny shut his eyes for a moment, then opened
them wide. He was about to nod off when a shadow darted across the room. The
window was closed, so it wasn't a bird or animal that entered his room.
His mind was playing tricks on him, that was all. But as he looked more intently
at the unmoving shadow in a dim corner of the room, he began to notice details.
The shadow had what resembled a perfectly round ball atop an elongated cylinder.
It looked like someone's head. Below the neck, all detail vanished as the shadow
blended into the black cardboard box in the corner.
Someone was in his room! No, his mind argued. It was just his imagination
running wild. Was it? He could not be sure.
He wouldn't let that shadow intimidate him anymore. Just go to sleep, his mind
"Yes…sleep," Danny sighed as his head touched the warm, fluffy pillow on the
He jerked awake when out of the corner of his eye, he saw the shadow glide
slowly across the room. Danny gasped.
A slit appeared on one side of the head, and it continued to grow until it was so
wide, Danny thought that he could fit his clenched fist inside.
Danny chuckled to himself. What a lame joke, he thought. His brother, Wayne
must have entered the room not too long ago while he was dozing off while
studying. Wayne must have hidden in that corner, waiting for the opportunity
to frighten him. Danny yawned. He couldn't be more bothered with his brother.
"Quit it, Wayne. I'm tired…" Danny muttered as he drifted off to sleep.
Strange dreams plagued his mind that night while he was asleep. In one,
Danny found himself on a vast, snow-covered landscape. All around him stood
the wrecked remnants of skyscrapers and tall buildings alike. Smaller buildings
were all reduced to rubble and metal chunks scattered over the place.
Two buildings in the distance caught his attention. They were hundreds of
metres tall, the massive structures towering over him. They were tilted to one
side, almost on the verge of collapse.
Snow covered these constructs, and were melting under the heat from the
sun. But the sun could not be seen. The sky was a purplish-black, devoid
of birds and other flying animals. Only thin rays of sunlight penetrated through
the dense cover of clouds and enveloped the buildings with a warm, unsettling
Where was he? Danny wondered. He could no longer tell the difference between
dream and reality. This world, he realized, looked too real…
He felt his feet sink into the snow. It was bitter cold. Then, he realized why. He
was clad only in a white shirt and shorts. His feet were bare. But the cold was
not the only thing he noticed. Surrounding him on all sides were small mounds,
some higher than others. Danny was standing atop one.
He kicked the snow aside and peered into the hole he had just made. A silent
scream escaped his cracked, dry lips as he caught a glimpse of what he was
searching for.
It was unexpected. He stumbled back and landed heavily on the snow.
He had seen it! How cold and lifeless it looked.
A thunderous crack of thunder overhead. A hail of snow began to fall. His
hands struck something beneath the snow. Danny dug, and continued
to dig. Finally, he unearthed what looked like a-
No! It couldn't be! Not that many! His mind screamed.
But, he forced himself to look. Just one glance.
A wave of nausea swept through his body as he saw the decayed head and
decomposed body poking through the mud under the snow. Danny took a step back.
With unsteady movements, he scrambled away from the horrendous scene. The red,
bloodshot eye still burned an image in his mind. He imaged the corpse trailing
after him, and he stopped. He was about to lose his sanity any moment now.
Surveying the landscape around him, Danny screamed. What he saw made him
scream like never before, and his throat burned with the intensity of a raging
inferno. Yellowed and sometimes black hands were protruding from the rugged
ground in a thousand places.
Legs too, were sticking out of the snow. They were all decomposed and bloody.
A flash of lightning blinded him for a second and he fell to the ground, whimpering.
His fingers dug into the snow and the mud. He wanted to hide, to stop himself
from seeing all these unimaginable horrors. His fingers bled, his nails were torn,
but he continued.
Blood soaked into the ground and his hands became numb. He could no
longer feel his fingers moving. With the shriek of an insane man, he tore
a huge chunk of soil from the ground, and screamed.
An infant's dead, blank eyes stared back at him. Those orbs bore into his
soul, stripping him of his sanity. The rest of the petite body was black, including
the head. Its lips were curled into an evil grin.
Suddenly, the snow seemed to vanish around him. All that remained was a sea
of corpses that stretched as far as the eye could see. All had lifeless stares in
their eyes.
Danny looked down. He was no longer standing on mud, or snow. Now, his feet
sank into frozen bodies and squashed guts. Blood, dried blood covered everything.
"Ahhhhh!" Danny screamed, his eyes wide open now. An intense, paralysing pain
was tearing him apart. His head throbbed and his whole body hurt. He was relieved
in spite of the pain. He had finally awoken from the nightmare he had tried so hard
to escape from. He was in his bedroom once more, and not that snow-blasted
The pain struck him again, so excruciating as if his head, skull and brain were
being crushed.
"Help me…" Danny gasped, his features twisted in torment.
He brought a finger to the top of his head and touched it. When he looked at
the finger again, it was covered in a thick layer of drying blood.
No…How did this happen? It must be another nightmare, he reasoned. But, he knew
it was not. He felt real pain, unlike in dreams where pain could not be experienced
with such an intensity. He looked down, and lifted the bottom of his shirt up. His skin
seemed to be darkening. He touched it. It was hardening too. Fear, true fear, built
up in him, threatening to erupt in a spine-chilling scream.
He scratched at the skin, and a yellowish-green pus trickled down his belly. The
pain became unbearable, so much suffering was he under that he lay in bed, unmoving.
Danny knew he was dying, but he knew not the reason why, or how…