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Twilight of the Apocalypse
Chapter 7: Escape
Free Haven- Trimoire Island, 0745 hours, 15 June 2016
Without warning, a beam of bluish-pink light enveloped me. Looking up, I saw that
the beam came from the craft still hovering above. The Stalkers were driven into
an even more uncontrollable frenzy when they noticed the intervention.
I felt myself move through the air at a stunning speed. I was being lifted up by the
beam. Soon, I could see nothing of the Stalkers as they vanished from view. The
brilliant and intense light blinded me. Hands grabbed me. I tried to move, but
a sharp pain in my head warned me to remain silent and motionless.
"Human.." the same voice I had heard said the word again.
"Ahhhhhhhhh…" I roared in frustration and defeat. Excrutiating pain numbed my
entire body and stung my insides. I could feel nothing, think of nothing, and worse,
see nothing still.
"Silence, human! We saved you from certain death," the voice barked.
"W-Who are you?" I asked, the pain less intense now.
"We are the Tol'Adjun, the warrior descendents. You are of interest to us. Very
much interest.
"Because your planet is something we desire very much," the voice replied.
"What is your purpose here? Why have you come? What have you done?!"
"We want all…" the alien beside me pointed to the outside, "that is within our
"What about those you call Stalkers?" I asked.
"They were the native species of our new homeworld. When we found the planet,
we destroyed most of them. The few remaining were to be sent to exile on another
planet at the edge of the galaxy. But this year was special. The Lord Darian told
us about this new route, one that would make travel easier by shorter distance."
"We passed through your solar system, and we discovered a blue and white planet
hanging in space. It looked so beautiful, so rich…We decided to take a closer look
but the Stalkers seized the opportunity to overpower the guards and escaped with
the spaceships they stole from our hangar."
"You want our planet?" I sneered.
"Yes, and more of our race will be coming to claim it for ourselves. We will do
exactly what we did with the Stalkers' homeworld. We'll strip it of its resources
then annihilate the entire population."
"You underestimate us, alien," I replied.
"We'll see about that," the alien hissed.
"Tagran, we've incoming!" another alien shouted from close by.
"What is it?" Tagran asked, anxious.
"Stalker, my lord!" came the reply.
"What?! Stalkers cannot attack us here. We're in orbit."
"No, it seems the Stalkers are flying."
"How is that possible?"
"I'm not sure, but they're a dozen of them now, trailing after us."
"Recall the Defta Pods," Tagran ordered.
The swarm of flying Stalkers catch up with the Tol'Adjun ship, and one after
another they crash into the ship. Their hard carapaces make dents in the sides
of the ship and with long, curved claws they peel at the metal, tearing the ship
apart. Soon, a hole was visible. Like a locust swarm, they dart into the ship.
"Ahhhh.." were the screams of the dying.
The Tol'Adjun ship's crew were not prepared for this unexpected assault.
Tagran dragged me into a small ship. As I entered, a bluish light surrounded me,
and I could not move. Tagran yelled something at the screen in front of him, and
the ship lurched forward, and out of the bigger craft.
"Where are you taking me?"
"To the other ship" was the reply.
But the Stalkers noticed the miniature craft leaving the ship and went after it,
their mighty green wings beating furiously.
One of them came close, and it latched itself onto the craft. Tagran's psychins
flared, and the Stalker imploded into tiny pieces of broken carapace and black
ichor. But another of the insect-like aliens rammed its long snout into the side
of the craft, and the ship went out of control. Tagran screamed and the world seemed
to spin around me.
I struggled to free myself, but the psychic barrier holding me was too strong.
With a defeated sigh, I lay back. I had survived when my comrades died.
I had escaped death many times before. Now, I knew it would be the end.