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Twilight of the Apocalypse
Chapter 6: The Tol'Adjun Arrive
Free Haven- Trimoire Island 0736 hours, 15 June 2016
"Tagran, the prisoners are in sight," a Tol'Adjun fighter announced.
"Yes. The Stalkers stole our crafts and fled from the carriers. They should've known
better than to anger the great Lord Darian, d Darian," he said in whispered tones.
"Fools they've been! Fools back on their planet, and yet still fools after being captured.
What a great act of dishonor. We must seize the opportunity now. We must stop them
from escaping into the shadows again," the fighter commented.
"But why waste our time with these low creatures with barely a hint of intelligence?"
Tagran questioned.
"Why not let them destroy this planet, and turn its native species into slaves for our
cause? Why not let the Stalkers multiply and rid this world of its occupants, so that
one day, in the very near future, more of our ships would come and take over this star
system and claim this rich, resourceful planet for our own?" the Tol'Adjun commander
added, his voice full of passion and power.
"Because the Stalkers might use the humans against us. Remember the war we waged
thousands of years ago? The result of that war was a billion of us dead. On this planet,
they might learn to use human technology and evolve to be even more powerful than us.
And the fact that they, like us, are able to breathe human air is the one reason why
we should stop them now, before they steal the resources that are so vital to us. This
planet, they call it Earth, is vulnerable," the other alien explained.
"What?" Tagran asked, puzzled. His eyes glowed a bright purple as he spoke.
"Don't you understand? I've done much research on this planet since we discovered it
just moments ago. The species here, they are unaware of our presence. For many
centuries, their belief is what they call religion has clogged their minds, turned them
into beings who deny the existence of extraterrestrial life in the universe. They live lives
of peace, with no wars for the past decade that they've become lazy, weak, and
complacent," the warrior continued.
"Your suggesting we strike when they least expect it, like now?"
"Yes. We've already disabled all their satellites and space stations orbiting the planet.
Now is the time to hit them hard."
"Anyway, send the Defta Pods to retrieve the prisoners. And, capture that human
alive," Tagran ordered. His fists were clenched and his head psychins flared.
"Yes, Tagran. I'll speak with the Lord Darian soon and tell him of my plans," the
warrior answered, and twisted thoughts of death, slaugther, and greed filled his mind.
0736 hours, 15 June 2016
The creatures came, almost a dozen of them now. I stepped back and ejected
the empty magazine from the rifle and slammed a new one into the weapon.
As I held the trigger, a terrible image formed in my mind. It was cloudy at first, and
I couldn't make out the details. But I guessed it was someone's face staring back
at me. As the image grew in size and detail, I threw up my hands to cover my face
as the thing in my mind gripped me on the neck.
I went crazy that instant. Guns blazing, I screamed. But the thing prodded my mind
and tendrils of cold fear creeped into me. It would not release me. I saw the creatures
lumbering toward me and I swiveled my weapon around and fired at the one closest
to me.
"Human…" the thing called me.
"What t-the-" I managed to say as something heavy knocked me to the ground.
I tumbled backwards and released the trigger. I was too stunned to move, or even
speak. The thing in my head began to disappear and its form materialized in front
of me. I turned to flee, but a grey wall prevented me from doing so. Trapped between
both wall and creature, I collapsed to the ground and lay there panting.
I managed to control myself. The other creature was bizzarre-looking. It vaguely
resembled a human, was biped, and its dark grey head was huge. Two snake-like
appendages dangled from each side of the creature's head.
Long, pulsing veins that seemed to glow ran along the length of the creature's two
long arms. Thick muscular limbs supported the creature's weight and the feet were
clawed and looked extremely deadly.
Its torso was equally terrifying. Veins were visible and what looked like rib bones
could be seen beneath the grey-brown flesh that stretched tight over the skeleton.
"These are Stalkers. They bring death wherever they go…" the voice said in my head.
Too stunned by all that has happened within the last hour, I could neither speak nor
move as voices spoke from unknown sources.
Another voice spoke, "We come to retrieve our escaped prisoners only, human."
"There is no need…to be afraid."
Other creatures began to form from thin air in front of me again. Seconds later,
four of the abominations stood before me.
A spine-tingling sensation coursed through my body at that instant.
One of the so-called Stalkers reared up on its hind legs and screeched to the rest
of the pack. The others responded by thrashing their heads and tails wildly about in
a sort of frenzy. The lead Stalker suddenly leaped at the creature closest to it.
The humanoid raised its arms and clenched its fists. The appendages on its head
flared a bright purple and the Stalker hesitated in mid-leap. As the beast landed on
the humanoid, the latter delivered a killing blow to the former's chest. The force of the
impact was so devastating, it punched a clean hole through the other creature's torso.
Bright purple energy emanated from the fist and the Stalker started dissolving like acid
dissolves metal. The exo-skeleton crumbled and black ichor flowed freely out of the
wound. The monster simply vanished moments later.
Stepping back, the humanoid gestured toward the other remaining Stalkers who rushed
forth to meet those who slayed their leader. A wild shriek of bloodlust and anger
resounded across the street. The carpark was to be a bloody battlefield.
I held my breath. I did not know who I'd expect to win this fight. Having already seen
the powers of the humanoid beings, I believed they would emerge victors. But the
cold fear still gripped my heart and soul, refusing to release me from its deathly
clutches. What are these things? Where did they come from? And why are they here?
These questions stayed in my head for a long time as I watched the fight.
My mind raced as I thought desperately for a way to flee this bloody scene.
But no, everyone was dead now. My teammates, the survivors, the pilots. There
was no way I could make it out of here alive. But at least I hoped the humanoids
would win. At least they had already displayed their intelligence to me, unlike the
Stalkers I believed were just cannibals who even feasted on their own kind and
cared not a bit about preserving life.
Maybe the humanoids would let me go unharmed.
The Stalkers slammed into the humanoids as both sides clashed in battle.
A torn limb flew overhead as a humanoid being kicked out furiously at its Stalker
opponent. The wild kicks tore limb after limb from the unfortunate creature, who
dropped dead to the ground after an insanely powerful punch shattered its head.
Three Stalkers circled another humanoid and forced it into a corner. They then
delivered blows to the creature's mid-section. Tails moved at lightning speed and
sliced off the humanoid's arms, legs and a portion of its massive head.
Brain juice, purplish in colour, trickled out of its skull and down its blood-soaked
head and body. Stumps remained of the creature's limbs, which lay on the
ground further away.
Victorious, the Stalkers around it screamed in their high-pitched voices and
separated, looking for more victims. One of them spotted me. As it came close,
one of the beings bounded toward it. The humanoid slammed into the Stalker,
causing it to fall sideways in mid-run.
Both aliens- if that is what they are- stumbled in a heap to the ground and fought
it out just scant metres away from me.
Minutes later, all the humanoids lay dead around me, their corpses torn to
bloody shreds. The Stalkers- half a dozen remaining- approached me slowly.
Their cries of triumph sent shivers up and down my spine. I waited bravely for
them. I was not afraid, because I knew no way could I have managed to get off
the island even if the other party won. They would either slay me or take me
prisoner. So I was already expecting this. I was prepared for it.
If even the humanoids who were able to manipulate psychic energy could not
defeat the Stalkers, then who can?
Soon, they would overwhelm me, and feast on my flesh. I was prepared…