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Twilight of the Apocalypse
Chapter 5: Captured
Free Haven- Trimoire Island 0735 hours, 15 June 2016
A horrible scream, and the ceiling splintered. The wooden boards came crashing
down on us. As I wiped the dust off my visor, I spied a 'creature' in the midst of
the rubble.
"What the heck is that?" Ryan exclaimed.
As the soldier stepped forward cautiously, the 'creature' rose. Bits and pieces
of wood fell to the floor as it shook its body slowly.
The creature roared once, and its nightmarish body was revealed as red bio-lights
on the creature's abdomen and back lit up its fearsome form. I reeled back in
terror and fear as the creature's six eyes- three on each side of its head- turned
to look at me. Those red, lidless eyes stared so intently at me. It then shifted
its gaze to the others in the room.
"Oh.." Ryan gasped, his face pale and hysterical.
"Ryan, fall back!" I cried.
The beast was huge, at least 3 metres tall. Its back was covered with a writhing
mass of long tentacles, with sharp talons at the ends. Two arms dangled at its
sides and two strong legs supported its body. At it's rear, three monstrously
long tails waved in the air. The tails looked almost metallic and were silver in
colour. The rest of the creature's body was black and there appeared to be
an exo-skeleton on the exterior of the creature's body, instead of skin.
Without warning, one of the tentacles shot out and embedded into Ryan's
mid-section. The appendage broke through his combat armour, and buried
itself in his body. Another tentacle did the same, but this time, it smashed
into the soldier's helmet and through his skull.
The man's head exploded from the impact, and blood sprayed out of his skull
from where the tentacle made a hole in his head and helmet. The creature
withdrew its tentacle from the man's head, but the one in his body held him
in the air.
The dead soldier dangled on the tentacle for a moment, then dropped to the
ground in a mangled heap. The man's body was horribly mutilated. I stepped
"Open fire!" I yelled.
The room lit up as bullets left their weapons and hit the creature's tough
carapace. Parts of the creature remained unharmed by the projectiles, but
bits of carapace flew in all directions on many other areas under the
assault. The rounds penetrated the creature's oval-shaped head and again,
the creature roared.
I took out a dagger from a compartment in my suit and flung it hard at the
beast. The blade hit the creature's neck and severed its head from its bloody
torso. I let out a whoop and ceased fire. The others stopped firing too.
"Come on, let's go. This place isn't safe," I said to the survivors.
"You'd better hurry. There are more of them. I've seen how people who
have stood their ground and fought had died. Few have ever escaped them,"
one of the survivors warned.
Blake took the rear and Adrian stayed with the men. I took the lead and
hurried the others out of the room and down the ladder we had used before.
"Dark Baron, we're out. Do you copy?" I spoke into the microphone built
into my helmet.
"Affirmative, I'm coming in," was the reply.
"Chopper's coming. ETA three minutes. Let's get the hell outta this place
and report our findings to GSN HQ. They've gotta see this mess," I said.
We reached the carpark without any more frightening encounters. I looked
up, expecting to see the chopper. Instead, I saw something even worse.
Two massive, cigar-shaped crafts were hovering in the sky above Free Haven.
The sides were covered in green lights and the bottom was glowing a deep
The crafts had a powerful search-lights at the front. One of the beams fell
on us and the craft glided silently through the air in our direction. I staggered
back. The craft was at least a hundred metres long. The other craft moved
in the opposite direction, away from us.
I spotted the helicopter in the distance. As the chopper flew beneath the
alien' craft, a hole opened at the bottom of the craft and an orange beam
of light, so intense and brilliant, shot out. The chopper burst into flames,
and its burning wreckage fell to the ground.
"Nooo…" I silently cried.
"Watch out!" Adrian shouted.
I turned around and saw a dozen of the beasts moving at full speed
towards us. We started shooting, and the survivors ran about, trying
in vain to flee from the creatures. One by one, the survivors died, as claws
and tentacles ripped into their bodies.
One by one, my teammates fell to the ground, their corpses so bloody they
were almost unrecognizable. And one after another, the creatures came
towards me, their limbs stretching out, and reaching, for me…