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Twilight of the Apocalypse
Chapter 4: Survivors
Free Haven- Trimoire Island 0715 hours, 15 June 2016
"Survivors! We've found them! Take a look," Ryan exclaimed.
He was right. I peered into the hole, with Ryan aiming a beam of light into the dark
foreboding room. I could see five men; four cowering in a corner and one in the center
of the room.
Adrian went forward and tried the knob. The door wouldn't budge. I tried. Same results.
Furious, I slammed my body on the door. My exo-skel combat suit expanded once more,
and the door fell forward. My visor display showed 5 white dots- civilians- within the room
I was now in. With renewed hope, I dashed towards the nearest man.
"Hey, you okay?" Blake asked, as he knelt before the man.
The man lifted his head and nodded, acknowledging our presence.
"Look at me. Keep your eyes on me, and tell us what happened here," I questioned.
"Oh, its bad. Very bad," he replied, his bloodshot eyes staring intently at me.
"What do you mean?" Ryan asked.
"Look around you. We're all thatís left of this town," the man said, coughing.
His untidy black hair fell wildly over his face as he spoke.
I scanned the room once, then looked at the man again. The others were
as haggard looking as this man was.
The man coughed again, and blood trickled down his chin from his mouth.
He clenched his teeth and tried to move, but I held him down.
As I touched him, my fingers hit something hard. Looking down, I unbuttoned his
torn and tattered coat and shone my flashlight on his body.
"Hell, whats happened to you, man?" Ryan shrieked.
"I don't know, something hit me real hard from my rear," the wounded man
struggled to get the words out.
I squinted and saw that the man's body was ripped to almost shreds in some places,
particularly his chest and abdomen areas. His arms were covered in a thick layer
of drying blood and the white of bone could be seen beneath the flesh. His legs
were almost gone. Below the thighs, all that remained were a bundle of purple and
blue colored veins. The calves were nowhere to be seen. His shoes lay metres away
from his body.
All of a sudden, the man started shaking violently. His body spasmed and convulsed
uncontrollably, and he seemed to be in great pain.
"Oh my god, he's dying. You gotta do something," Adrian spoke.
"Blake, hold him down. You help me too, Ryan," I ordered.
Blake held the man's arms down, but his fingers sank into the dying man's soft,
flesh and blood spurted out of the new wound. The man screamed pitifully, and
I felt fear and panic build up in me. The other men in the corner looked at us as if
we didn't know what we were doing.
Finally, after what seemed an eternity, the man stopped moving. He lay motionless,
his body unmoving. I stood up, and was filled with despair. As I turned my back to
the dead man, I heard Ryan exclaim, "Look, captain! Look at him!"
Turning to face the corpse, I watched in utter horror as the body started shaking
again. There was absolutely nothing we could do now, because we all knew the
man was dead. How he was still moving was a mystery we all wished to solve.
"Get back, everyone. Something strange's going on here," I shouted to the rest.
Suddenly, a terrible agonizing shriek broke the deathly silence.
"His lips ain't moving!" Adrian said, as he watched the scene with wide eyes.
"Sir, I'm picking up an unknown entity on radar. Its approaching us rapidly,"
Blake reported.
"Watch out!" I yelled, and pressed my back against the wall.
"Look at the size of that thing!"
"It's back," one of the other survivors whispered in a frightened tone.