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Twilight of the Apocalypse
Chapter 3: The Attack
Free Haven- Trimoire Island 0650 hours, 15 June 2016
I took out a small device from one of the many pockets on my combat suit,
then flung it into the air. The device transformed into a robot probe which flew around
for a short moment before falling to the ground and breaking into tiny fragments
On my visor's heads-up-display, a small map appeared. It showed our location and
the structures around us. Then, I noticed small red dots moving toward us. There were
at least ten of them.
"We've incoming! Do not fire! I repeat, hold your fire. They may be civilians," I ordered.
"Sir, I've got a bad feeling about this. They're moving fast. I'm gonna shoot," Adrian gritted
his teeth and reached for the trigger.
"No, private! I order you to-" That was as far as I got before something slammed into me.
My exo-skeletal combat suit expanded and reduced much of the impact caused by the
thing. I was safe, but terribly dizzy. My vision blurred but I managed to keep from falling.
A loud, inhuman shriek came from the dark passageway we just passed.
Another scream pierced the chill silence of the early morning. I couldn't see what it was,
until it was too late.
The 'thing' slammed into me again, but this time with such force I stumbled backwards.
A hideous, deformed face suddenly appeared in my visor. Blood-stained and dirty,
the face had eyes that glowed.
"Captain, there's…heck I don't got any clue what it is! But try not to move, sir!
I cant..can't see. I'm coming nearer. Ahhhh!" Ryan's terrified voice louder than the
thing's shrieks.
"It's an abominable monstrosity, captain. Permission to open fire, sir?" Adrian asked.
"Permission granted! Just get this thing off me, now!" I yelled.
The creature opened its black, foul-smelling maw and attempted to chew through
my helmet. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of Adrian raising his assault
rifle and taking aim.
I instinctively ducked as a hail of bullets smashed into the creature's side. The projectiles
tore into the thin, fragile-looking body and burst out the other side.
But the thing was neither dead, nor did it look wounded.
It shambled towards me, its unsteady legs trying very hard to support its body.
When it came close enough, I knocked it off its feet with the butt of my rifle.
I squeezed the trigger once and the creature exploded. Blood and brain tissue erupted
in a fountain from the shattered skull of the nightmarish being.
"There're more approaching us, sir," Blake warned.
"We can't stay here, gotta move, and hurry," Ryan said, his voice trembling.
"Sensor sweep," I ordered.
Another robot probe scanned the area, before dropping to the ground and breaking up.
"There!" I pointed and gestured toward a small window up ahead.
A metal ladder was positioned to lie against the wall.
"Let's go, let's go!" I yelled through clenched teeth, and took point.
As we sprinted across the now dark street, for the streetlamps were not working
anymore, we caught glimpses of the creatures stalking us.
Ryan paused to fire at one of them, but there were too many. The rounds slammed
into the creature he was targeting, and it collapsed in a crumpled heap to the blood-soaked
Blake unholstered his sidearm and fired a couple of rounds into the side of a creature's
head, then hurried to catch up with us.
Adrian reported, "20, 15, 10 metres now. Go, go, go!"
I leapt onto the ladder and frantically climbed up, with my rifle strapped to my back.
The others were slower. They fired and fired at the oncoming creatures, but more kept
Finally, the rest of the team caught up and reached the ladder before the monsters
We entered a small room through the window, and came to a wooden
door. There were holes in the door, as if something or someone had
tried to break it down. Ryan looked through one of the holes into the room beyond
and gasped.