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Twilight Of The Apocalypse
The one thing that cripples your mind and soul, and drains you of the strength to carry on…
Tom had experienced fear many times in his life, but none as horrifying as what he was about to experience.
Free Haven, Trimoire Island – 0635 hours
The town of Free Haven was the only inhabited place on the small island of Trimoire,
named after the man who discovered the island in the 16th century, after his ship was sunk
by pirates in the Bass Strait between mainland Australia and Tasmania. He drifted for
four days before he spotted the island.
Tom Shanks was one of the many fishermen on the island who made a living by going
out to sea in the morning, and returning in the evening to sell their catch of fish. He was
only eighteen, but nonetheless decided to help his old father cast the nets and hauls in as
many fish as he could. His father would often praise him for being a good fisherman at
sea, but he only nodded at the compliment.
Then, one evening, he was just returning home with his father when he heard shrieks and
screams coming from the town. Looking up, he heard a loud whistling sound, and a large
black object the size of a truck cut a swath through the air as it fell from the sky.  The
cool evening breeze was gone, replaced by the heat emanating from the glowing object. It
was burning with crimson fire. The colors of orange and pink in the sky were gone too,
for now dark smoke rose from the tail end of the object, and darkened the entire sky.
More such objects were soaring above the pair now, and his father said, “Go! Get to the
bomb shelter. I'll be right there."
Tom asked, “What about you, Dad?”
“I’ll have to get this fishing trawler in place. "
“Alright, Dad. Hurry!”
As he ran, Tom saw that already a few houses were burning, especially the wooden ones.
They were old, dry and were the most likely to catch fire. One of the objects had crashed
into the roof of a 2-story brick building. The dying screams of those trapped in the
building could still be heard. Looking back, Tom yelled for his father to hurry.
Unfortunately, it was too late. As his father ran across the docks towards the town, he
was quickly closing the gap between Tom and himself, but he never had a chance to
reach his son, for one of the black, glowing objects crashed into the docks and the
wooden stilts exploded into thousands of tiny splinters. His father slipped and fell into the
murky depths.
Tom fell to his knees, looking at the spot where his father had been just moments ago.
Again, the loud whistling sound forced him to move. He ran, and ran, and finally
collapsed as he hit the door hard and stumbled into his home. Blood trickled from his
mouth, down his chin.
He cursed silently.
His home was a wreck. One of the flying objects had crashed into his home too. A pillar
of smoke rose into the air from the crashed object. His house was on fire. No, he said to
himself. He could not stay here. Looking at the object closely, he saw strange characters
and symbols on the sides of the ‘craft’. Who knew what might be inside?
He left the building and headed for the mall. He knew he would find shelter there. The
mall was located within an old brick building that was as high as three stories. He might
be able to find others here. He sprinted up the stairs and entered a large room, its walls
covered in orange, green and pink paint. This was the art gallery.
Footsteps! He had heard footsteps from beyond the doorway on the other side of the
room. Peering into the darkness, he saw nothing. But as he turned his back to the
darkness, a massive clawed hand grabbed his shoulders and spun him around to face
whatever creature had caught hold of him. A hideous face with large yellow eyes stared
at him. There were four eyes on its small, deformed head. Those eyes reminded him of
those of a reptile’s. Small sucker-like projections protruded from most of its skinny and
fragile-looking body. Black scales covered its entire body.
Before he knew it, tentacles from the creature shot out and encircled the struggling man's neck.
Then, sharp talons at the ends of the tentacles stabbed into his body, and Tom felt an indescribable
pain. Then he fell to the floor unconscious.