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Twilight of the Apocalypse
Caught in the midst of an interstellar war, the human race must put aside their
differences and unite to survive this chaotic period of time in the early years of
the 21st century. Humanity has prospered for many decades, and people live
luxurious lives, carefree and have nothing to fear. Until the Apocalypse. Nothing
can save us now, unless we band together and fight this unknown menace. The
thousand-year-old question of whether extraterrestrial life exists in the universe
has now been answered.
When an Earth satellite detects a massive, foreign object hurtling through space
towards the planet, everyone is left wondering what is really is, and can be. But
minutes later, a robot probe is sent up to investigate. People all over the world
watch in horror as hundreds more of such objects enter the atmosphere. But they
did not break up into smaller pieces as expected. Then, other satellites up in orbit
begin to cease functioning, and the first of the objects crash on a remote island in
the Tasman Sea.
Planet: Unknown, The Milky Way Galaxy, Year: 10,000 B.C.
A lone Tol'Adjun warrior looked through the porthole of his ship and stared with
envious eyes at the bleak, desolate planet looming closer and closer.
Here was a planet rich in mineral resources and all the Tol'Adjun race could
ever have dreamed of. Misuse of their former homeworld had caused pollution
and widespread extermination of their planet's lesser species. Their homeworld
had eventually been destroyed by a devastating war that annihilated most of the
inhabitants on it. Only a few managed to survive and escape in large transports.
All around him, the warrior saw the ships of the vast fleet his race had built for
the hundreds of years they remained as refugees in space. For centuries they
searched, and continued searching.
Finally, they detected a planet, one that might be suitable for their race to occupy.
But, never had they once thought that the planet might be inhabited. Until their
ships landed and their forces scoured the vast, empty and barren landscape of
the planet had the inhabitants appeared. They emerged from large caverns that
remained concealed since their ships had landed.
They swarmed the invaders and a war broke out. Thousands more of the Tol'Adjun
race died that day. But their race had fought hard. Within a century, their armies
had conquered the planet and enslaved the species who once occupied it.
The ship landed on the surface and the warrior stepped out. This would be his home,
the new homeworld of the Tol'Adjun race.
As he watched the ship ascend and leave the planet to ferry more of his people here,
he heard footsteps on the rough metal ground they had constructed.
Turning around, he came face-to-face with a member of the enslaved species.
How vicious it looked. Tentacles waved in the air and its oval-shaped head
thrashed about wildly. Another warrior held the creature by its neck and dragged
it into a cage. The workers around it pushed the cage into a transport ship,
which took off after its cargo had been loaded.
The Tol'Adjun warrior looked up. Dozens more of such transports were leaving
the planet at the same time. Their new homeworld was quickly being populated.
The slaves were of no use here, and the Tol'Adjun were sending them to exile
on a distant planet at the edge of the galaxy. Soon, he thought, the Tol'Adjun
would be strong and powerful enough to colonize and take over the other nearby
planets in this vast, resourceful galaxy.