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Twilight of the Apocalypse
Chapter 2: Free Haven
Free Haven- Trimoire Island, 0635 hours, 15 June 2016
I held my assault rifle in my hands, as the deck shuddered with every spin of the powerful
rotors on the roof of the Dark Baron Helicopter I was in. Three others sat around me. They, too,
carried weapons.
The heavy rain raduced the pilots' visibility, but still they were able to manoeuver the helicopter
to our drop zone. The area was shrouded in darkness, the only source of light coming from the
aircraft's powerful search beams.
One of the pilot turned around in his seat and signalled to us. Looking ahead, we nodded.
One after another, we unfastened unfastened our seat belts and leapt off the edge as the helicopter went our seat belts and leapt off the ledge as the helicopter went
as low as it could to the ground.
Then, slowly, the chopper accelerated and flew off into the distance. The cool evening breeze
blew softly and I looked around. There were metal fences around the drop zone, which was actually
an abandoned car park.
The small building in front of us provided some shelter from the pounding rain.
We had all come here for a reason. My teammates stood around me, their rifles
pointing to the ground.
"Ok, everyone. Gather round me. I'll tell you the reason why we're here. But don't
let your guard down while we're here. Something's strange going on in this desolate
place. GSN HQ told me I wasn't to say this until now. I picked you for a reason.
All of you are specialists in one field of combat or another."
"Sir, what is it you want to tell us?" a soldier asked.
"Three days ago, our sensors detected a massive object. It seemed to be heading
towards this area. Soon after, the object simply vanished from radar. The team back
at GSN HQ believes the object crashed here. Just hours ago, civilians of this town reported
seeing bizzare shadows dancing on walls and eerie noises were heard in the night. Those
sounds the townspeople heard were not human, so they say," I explained.
"We do not know what we're facing here, but it is something we cannot predict.
The object may have been a meteor, but if it had crashed, the impact would have
created a crater. But that doesn't seem the case here. So, whatever it may be, we
have got to be prepared for this. Also, most of the townsfolk have vanished since the
night after the object supposedly crashed here," I added.
"Its starting to drizzle now, captain. Shall we begin?" Ryan suggested.
"Yes, let us move," I replied.
I gestured towards the building and the team followed.
Lightning flashed overhead, and the dark street was instantly lit up.
I took the few precious seconds to glance at our surroundings.
I pointed ahead, and we moved silently and stealthily.
There were two doorways. One on our right, and another a few metres away
from our present location. On my left, a small passageway led to another street.
"Where do you suggest we go, sir?" Blake asked, his rifle raised and ready.
"Hmm.."I pondered the question, then said, "we'll find more evidence and clues
I led my team to the small passageway and soon we were on the street.
Fortunately, the area was lit up by streetlamps, but there weren't many.
The dim, flickering lights only sent shivers up and down my spine. A sense
of dread overwhelmed me. I know the others must have felt the same at that