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Soccer ... Is it in you?

Everybody knows soccer/futbol is the best sport in the world! It takes skill, agility, strength, courage, and ye need ye boots. But what is the best soccer team in the world? STEAMERS!!!! Lady Steamers '90 to be specific. THEY KICK PATOOZY! Well, they used to anyway. They were 2nd best in state before they fell apart. Now they have a lot of new players with a not as many old players. This is basically the old team:

Courtney -- Coach.
Pete -- Manager.
Pei-Ann -- Goalie, Offender (Striker, Midfield.)
Ann (Me) -- Defender (Stopper, Sweeper.)
Ashley -- Offender. (Striker.)
Lauren W. -- Offender. (Wing.)
Elyssa -- Offender. (Wing.)
Lauren G. -- Offender. (Striker.)
Jordan -- Offender. (Anything in offense, I think.)
Megan -- Offender. (Midfield, I think.)
Shilpa -- Defender. (Left or Right.)
Katy C. -- Defender. (Left or Right.)
Katie B. -- Defender. (Sweeper.)
Taylor -- Offender. (Anything in offense, I think.)
Kavita -- Offender. (Midfield or Wing.)
Haley -- Defender, Offender. (Sometimes played sweeper, but mainly played like.. midfield.)

It felt like we were at home when we were on the field playing. I always thought our team would be forever, and make it to the professionals. Apparently not. I moved to another state ;-; Ashley quit. Lauren W. quit for volleyball. Jordan quit to join the Jets. Taylor quit with the Evil Person not listed to join Mountain Brook (our biggest rival !!!!!!). Haley quit and joined another team. Kavita might've quit, but I don't think so. Coach Courtney left because our team was falling apart I think. Megan's dad took the place of Pete (my dad) because we were moving. WHY!!!??!!? *bangs head on keyboard* djklghdfadghdhg

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