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As soon as I get a scanner, I'll put pictures up of things like school or something. For now, enjoy the webcammy.

This is my doggie Cori ^.^ She is scared of thunder storms, is lazy, and barks a lot. She is a good guard dog. Her full name is Cori, Dutchess of Pudding.

Eddieee!! He looks just like Ein from Cowboy Bebop. ^^ He runs in circles for his food, and is always wagging his knob of a tail. Usually he barks at cameras so I was surprised to get this much of a close-up. Eddie, Duke of Bodington!

Yayee, a very nice bracelet of mine that I was given. The symbol means "Luck." It's so pretty! Maybe it'll give me luck in attracting a guy =P

Wearing toesocks on your arms is fun. =) Black 'n white.

Ahhh!! Attack of the Terriermon plushie! Haha, got this at Dairy Queen. ^^ Kawaii. I named it Travis, after my friend o.o

Aww, it's a sad bouncy ball. I didn't mean to throw it so hard! I'm sorry, Mr. Bouncy Ball. *cries*

Like my little Chibi Sakura I drew? Be a good person and don't go to hell by stealing this picture and saying you drew it. =_= *watches as someone laughs and takes it*

Hehe, I like this shirt. One time I was walking into a hotel, and this lady looked at me and said, "Oh my!" She thought I was deaf because it says "I can't hear you." >>;;;

This is my oil pastel of some random anime character I saw named "Jun." At first I thought it was a girl, but now I think it's a guy ^^;; I dunno, anime people are sometimes confusing.
It's in a frame so that's why there are gay reflections. But anyway.. this is a headshot I drew of Birdy from the anime "Birdy the Mighty." She looked really cool ^^;

Ya likee? It's a manga-style picture of Alita from Battle Angel Alita. Yus, I drew this also. It's on a t-shirt. o.o I added the red for a nice accent. Some people think it's war paint, but I saw a clipping once and Alita bends over a puddle of blood and puts it on her face like that.