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Midieval Theme
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I love the midieval theme.. so I enjoy going to Renaissance Faires. One of my favorite "characters" that I saw was a black-red pixie sitting in what looked like a not-so-comfortable position on a tree trunk (not short enough to be a stump, not full enough to be a tree.) He was playing a little flute ^^ and gestured for me to come over to him. He played a little song, opened a pouch from his waist, and gave me a stone. Ooo o.o magical fairy water stone. =P

When I think of midieval, I also think of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series + There and Back Again. Reminds me of Middle Earth, which I also love ^^ Beautiful elves (like Legolas O.O), and hobbits in their cozy little shire. *daydreams about Elijah Wood*

I also bought a wooden dagger and a water orb held by a talon necklace. I wanted these pixie earrings holding a moon stone, but I didn't have that much money. Oh and there was a real dagger (yes >> metal blade) and the blade was jagged, 'n there were red jewels. Of course, I happened to not have money for those ;-; But!! Jousting was awesome to watch, as well as the Birds of Prey show. They had games there, and a lot of people were roleplaying. I will definately do that again ^^

I like the Midieval theme, and you should too, kids! ~.^