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Grandia II
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Grandia II is one of the best games ever!! I have it for the console Sega Dreamcast. I love it's graphics, music (yes I have one of the cds o.o), characters, and storyline. A summary is kind of like this... Ryudo is a Geohound, meaning he'll do tasks for money. For some reason, people are mistrusting and kind of harsh towards Geohounds. Anyway, Ryudo and his 'partner' Skye are looking for work when they come across a note saying a guardian is needed. So Ryudo travels to a village and reluctantly takes the job. He finds out he has to escort a Songstress named Elena to a tower a bit off in the woods so she can perform a ceremony to keep this game's devil Valmar from coming back to their world. During the ceremony, things seem to go wrong, and even though he's not supposed to, Ryudo rushes in and can only save Elena though not any of the other girls because they're all dead.

Then a couple of other details, and Ryudo ends up on a journey with Elena to save the world from Valmar. Even though Ryudo isn't into all this Battle of Good vs. Evil, he seems to be into Elena ^.^

Pictured above are the two symbols of Granas (the good god), and Valmar (the devil.) This game has voices, which is pretty cool. I like it when Elena is singing "A Deus." There are cute little creatures named Caro. My favorite character would probably be... Ryudo? Elena is sometimes to highstrung or goody-goody, Millenia is evilly wild.. then again, Millenia is definately a cool character... *gets lost in thought* Pictured below is Millenia, most likely in her rage mode x.x;;, doing one of her awesome attacks.