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/// The Game
Ann. 4/3. West Nile State. Aries. Shy. Nice .. most of the time >) Music Obsessed. Elijah Wood. Loner. Soccer player. Headstrong. Orange. CardCaptor Sakura. Michelle Branch. Gummy bears. S.E.S. Aspiring writer. Kenny. Saturn. w-inds. Safety pins. Gold eyeshadow. Blueberry. Nightcrawler. Jackass. Moo juice. Poptarts. Checkerboard. Daisuke. Stork Baby. Plaid.   ((See more . . .))

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Me Lovelies

I'll try to get little pictures of 'em soon x.x;; but for now, we's just got descriptions!

Pei-Ann -- My bestest friend ever! She is very smart, and talented in sports such as soccer and track. She's an AWESOME friend!! She is pretty, caring, nice... Even if we do live in different states now, she's still my best friend. We have lots of fun inside jokes like, "Who let out a fluffy?!?!" I've known her since 2nd grade ^^ She's so agreeable. Pei-Ann is just like... perfect. I know a lotta guys prolly think she's ka-wa-ii!! Keep strong, I know Jr. High is hard!

Jay -- In short.. Jay's a Legolas wannabe. XDD He loves Sasami from Tenchi Muyo, and he's a baseball dork. He's really smart o.o and he's one o' my best guy friends. LOL It never occured to me this could be possible, but Jay works out. XP I guess it's like training for the hunts of fruitcakes he goes on. If you are a fruitcake, he will destroy you. I repeat, he WILL destroy you. I think he's working on the Collin case right now... Jay, you shall be my deciple. For you lack music.

Marquise -- Marquise is just like.. everybody's friend. She could beat the boys at basketball, and was very smart. We only knew each other for our 6th grade year because she moves around so much, and I just recently moved. Still.. she was cool. She's probably gonna become an actress, or a talk-show host. I remember we wrote "The Marquise Files." Haha, I'm never gonna forget that. DAVID BEARS IS BETTER THAN WILLIAM TIGER!!!!!

Ashley -- I know, times have changed. Ashley 'n I used to be real close, but we've drifted pretty far. Even so, I still think of her as a once good friend. It was awesome how she'd beat the boys out in skateboarding. PLUS she did it with style. Cool clothes, I'm tellin' ya! I remember we used to talk a lot about everything. Anything you can think of, probably. Ashley would be awesome in a band. The thing that sucks though is this 7th grade year, she turned all... preppy. Clothes, boys, making out, popularity etc. was all that mattered to her. I don't know what happened in her mind =/ but I wish it never did...

Amy -- Horsie lover!! "If we did horseback riding in P.E., I would beat everybody!" True that! LOL It was so funny how you look all angelic, and then whenever someone pisses you off, you're like, "AAGGHH!! MAN, I JUST WISH I COULD.. COULD... PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE AND THROW HIM AGAINST THE GYM WALL!!!" I'm sure you could do it, too, since you're like what now... a red belt? black belt? You look like one of those princesses from a fairy tale o.o Your hair is so pretty! And you have brains to back it up ^.^ LOL I remember you always said I looked like "a cute little angel." That's just silly, Amy.

Katelyn -- Dude, that was scary when you fell into that serious depression. See, there are some people who THINK they're depressed, and there are those who ARE actually depressed. Some people have mild depression, but yours was serious. I hope you never go through that again. =/ 'cause I mean.. you're smart, you OWNZ at basketball (always beating those guys!!), and you were funny. Haha, bombing on those preps! Naughty naughty! =P MAN, WE HAD THAT 500 DOLLARS RIGHT IN OUR GRASP!!! Stupid rabid kitty XD

Jessica -- j0! My best friend in Louisiana! 'cause all those people above were from Alabama! Jessica likes to flirt, be evil, dance... She's into anime 'n all... We often disagree about things, but we let it slip by. Different perspectives, yes. She's a Tae Kwon Do personnn, and I don't think she likes sports that much. More into fashion, I thinkies! Wes hang out a lot, and usually just laugh at everything. e.e;;

Emily -- Gummy beaaaars! Bouncing here and there and everywhere!!! LOL We have weird inside jokes. She doesn't always understand the quiet phases I go into, but who really does 'cept me? She likes to do people's make-up and designs and stuff. My LJ scares her o.o;; SHE LOVES THE GUMMY BEAR THEME SONG AHAHHA

Travis -- I love Travis!! ;-; He's sooo nice and handsome and lovely... Even though he lives so far away, I think we're like.. soulmates o.o If he ever needs me, I'll be there. He's someone I can rely on if I need help, too. HE'S SO AWESOME!! ^^;;;; *huggles Travis*

Josh -- LOL OMG One day, Josh is gonna be popular at my school when Jessica and I will be the only ones who actually know him. Josh is a lot older than me, but we's still homies. He's funny and really nice to me. He's so loyal to me XD Wes love Joshie the Kangaroo Baby. He wants to be a writer, and he's writing some l33t stories. He and I are working in the EBS together. Whoosh.

Logan -- Met him just this year, but he's really cool. For an 'outcast', he's pretty popular ^^;; He's got lotsa fangirls, it's crazy. But anyway, Lo's all.. punk, and HE LISTENS TO GOOD MUSIC!!! O.O 'n he's really funny and friendly. Smart one, too! He's in Talented and Gifted! I like to hang out with him =)

Tim -- THE HODGE-PODGIN' TIMO!!! Muahaha. Duuude, this dude likes anime and hard rock music. C'mon, it can't get any better than that. He's funny, and loves games like Diablo II and Counter Strike. He goes to Gamers a lot it seems. o.o and and and he likes Oh! My Goddess and he knows that CARDCAPTOR SAKURA OWNZ!!!

Brian, Spencer, Chris, Jake These four dudes here, we're friends but we're not as good friends as other people-os. Brian seems really shy, but he's still cool ^^ He's cool to hang out with. Spencer is the greatest at guitar, and he created a pretty song. He's really cool, and listens to music like Slipknot. I just don't always know what to talk about with him. =/ Chris is evil!!! But he's really funny, and the original FRUIT BOOTER! He also likes anime and death metal o.o He makes silly voices =P 'n Jake? Jake is a pervert and has something against Japanese people all because of like Pearl Harbor or something. He's really gay =_= but he's friendly for the most part, so we're sorta friends lol