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CardCaptor Sakura
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CardCaptor Sakura is a very kawaii anime about an elementary-age (it depends on what part of the series you're watching) girl named Kinomoto Sakura. One day, she discovers the Clow Book in her house and opens it up. She sees a card labeled 'The Windy' and says it aloud to herself. Suddenly, the cards burst from the book and blow away, escaping. A small, stuffed animal-like creature rises from the book named Cerberus, (nicknamed Kero for short.) He tells Sakura that she has to capture all those Clow Cards, or else evil will befall this world. So she becomes the super duper kawaii Card Captor Sakura! With best friends like Daidouji Tomoyo and Li Syaoran. ^^

Yes, she leads a very.. cheery, flowery life. Until Li Meiling comes along and gives her a rude awakening >)

I am all for S+S (Sakura and Syaoran.) I loooove them *starry eyes* But I like all the characters really. Sakura is lovable, Syaoran is adorable, Tomoyo is kind (and cammy-crazy :D), Meiling kicks arse, Kero loves sweets and vid games, Yukito/Yueh are mysterious, Touya has that brotherly behavior, Eriol is a ladies man.. :B Etc. Etc.

Nope, I'm not against Card Captors, the dub. I look at it this way: Better something than nothing!