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Is there a place left there for me
Somewhere that I belong
Or will I always live this way... ?
Always stray
No regrets 'cause I got nothin to lose
Ever stray!
So I'm gonna live my life as I choose
Cause all things fall
Stray! Stray!


Touching Evil News: Nikki has started posting things we can do now to help get TE noticed by other networks. Go here and read what she has to say. I know I'll be doing this sometime tomorrow. With the minor and major successes of the campaigns for Wonderfalls, Farscape, and Firefly, now is not the time to be timid! No matter what, this site will keep running if, for nothing else as a testment to my devotion to this show.
Want to keep up-to-date on the campaign to launch a revolt against USA? Great! Go to The forum and touchingevilfansus LiveJournal. Join us and join the revolt.
So far, Bruce Willis has made no comment on the cancelling of TE on his website I can only hope that perhaps he is up to something. As he was willing to appear in an episode of TE if USA would re-new, I think Bruce has a love for TE equal to that of many of the shows fans. Rock on! I have a whole new found respect for this man.
The Global television network in Canada will be airing repeats of TE starting this month. Keep an eye on local listings if you get Global for days and times. Once I find out what the schedual for the show will be, I'll post it up on this site. If anyone has any information of the Global airing of TE, please E-Mail me with it. You can find my address at the bottom of this page. Thanks!
Site News: This site will be making some changes soon. No, it's not going anywhere but I am expanding the focus of the site to include Jeffrey Donovan (the actor who plays Creegan in the US version of Touching Evil). He is a wonderful, talented, and handsome actor and I want to show my admiration of him. Look for this change to be coming before the weekend.
Nikki (the person who brought us the Re-New TE petition) is working on putting together a site for the purpose of uniting fans in a 'Save Touching Evil' campaign. As soon as I get any more news of a site, I will post it up here. I have a new collage up in the graphics section. I will also be starting a new section of this site for screen captures now that I have the pilot episode on DVD (thank God for E-Bay and people who are kind enough to place Emmy consideration DVDs up for bidding). In addition, I am working on a page which I am going to use to talk about what drew me to Touching Evil and David Creegan and why I felt the need to make this site. It's more or less going to be my sounding board on the site. It will be the only time you have to put up with my opinions... Well, aside from the opinion that TE is one of the best dramas ever.
Despite everything, this site is alive and well. :)
Please, sign this petition to renew "Touching Evil". You can also send E-Mail and snail mail to USA, NBC, and Universial. The addresses for these offices have been lovingly put together over here by Rekka Alexiel. Thanks for all your help and thank you Rekka for putting together these addresses. I have written as many of these people as possible and if I can do then anyone can! In addition, if you have a LiveJournal and want to join a group for the promotion of quality television, check out my LJ community, Viewers For Better Television. Thanks! :)
And if you're wondering about the song lyrics I have placed at the top of this page, they are from a song called "Stray" and it is from the anime series Wolf's Rain. I chose to put up the lyrics because it is now my battle cry. This is a song from it that sort of reminded me of David Creegan when I first heard it. Now, knowing what I know, it reminds me greatly of all TE (the show and the fandom). It's a stray show that no one wants. But the creatators of the show should feel no shame in it because this show was what it was and never looked back. It would rather be stray than fit in to the mainstream. Mad love goes out to all who made TE a reality, even if it was short. You will not be forgotten. Everyone will know of your battle against shitty TV and the norm. Bruce Willis and everyone else involved- you are kings among idiots. History will vendicate you. Rock on!

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