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Just me
Saturday, 18 October 2003
No Pull-Ups
6 weeks seems like a good long time when you're stressing over toilet training (TT). You struggle with yourself - am I sending all the wrong messages by keeping them in Pull-ups?; will they be put off if they have an accident?; what about going out???

Eventually, I realized that she just doesn't wet at night at all since we started TT. Daytime accidents aren't out of character, but she just up and stopped wetting at night! Yay - little victory for us! (If you read my first post, you know I know I shouldn't celebrate).

We stop with the Pull-Ups - she's so excited! So thrilled! Such confidence - I should have done this sooner for her - she's so happy!

Did I mention that she still sleeps in between us most nights? I really need to say more?


Posted by psy/tangledmoon at 1:02 AM PDT
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Nature Versus Nurture
I'm watching my 2 kids today (as they torment each other) and thinking about how we perceive ourselves when we parent. And about how much credit we give and take.

When we had just one, we took credit for everything. Didn't we do a marvelous job? Isn't she so smart? Aren't we wonderful?

Then we had 2. If anyone who has more than one actually reads this, I'm sure you're laughing your ass off just now. I understand; it's okay.


I'm listening to them today, and thinking that it's really quite simple - if they act alike, it's our fault/credit; if they act differently; it's just their nature.

Since they are so high energy these days (and really quite smart, which is not so much a plus as something to bear) and can just tire me out so quickly, this makes it a lot easier for me to decide how much time to spend obsessing about whether I'm failing them as a parent or not.

Posted by psy/tangledmoon at 12:52 AM PDT
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